frozen laptop

HI Í´m new to your forum. And a very basic computer user. I have an emachine e620. Quite new only two months or so. Since beginning it has had comodo antivirus. Last week however, computer froze down to a crawl. Any instruction takes hours to start. tried running a COMODO scan but it took 10 hours to scan 557 files!

I have restored the computer to 15 September 2009 but no help.

Last week I installed IE8 and also an upgrade to Java. Could htis be the problem?

Any suggestions to solve this.

Please read here


Hi Dennis

thanks for the suggestion. It seems to have worked as it is now operating and, as far as I can tell, there is no lagging or freezing. And I am emailing oyu from the laptop in question.

However, as suggested, I have initiated a Comodo scan. The virus database started 40 minutes ago. and jumpealmost immediately to 30% and has been frozen there since then. Is this_normal?

Unfortunately, yes. The database is quite large, so it takes a long time to download even on a fast connection. The progress indicator isn’t a very useful indicator of how the download is actually progressing. It will stay at 30% for most of the download. Are you seeing network activity?

I-ve got 0 inbound and 4 outbound connections. And 62 applications running…

Whilst this virus update is taking place, should I not be using the laptop? Or won-t it make a difference?

Did the AV update finish by now?