frozen firewall

Dear Forum. My firewall is version 5.5.195786.1383. My computer is Apple running XP Home sp 3.
After bootup, Avast update works automatic, but the internet is frozen for about 7 minutes, although the blue icons are showing. Is firewall doing a full scan? There is nothing showing in running apps except svchost, and system.

Can you show us a screenshot of the firewall logs (View Firewall Events) of around boot time?

Thank you for your reply, is this what you requested?
http://firewall events.jpg

http://firewall events1.jpg

Sorry i will try this.

[attachment deleted by admin]

My firewall events have been uploaded, does this help to explain my freezing problem please? :azn:

Can you see what happens if you disable Avast completely? Does that make a difference?

Thank you for your suggestion, I disabled Avast befor shutting down last night, after bootup this morning, Avast updated automatically, I waited untill the hourglass icon did not show, then I was able to connect to all internet sites, then I enabled Avast again, and this did not cause any problems. Thank you again. (:CLP)

Let’s wait and see if this fixed it.

You may want to check out this topic for tips to make Avast and CIS work nicely together.

Keep us posted.