Frontpage 2002 not uploading with Comodo

I’ve read most of the help guides, done some net research, but I am still stuck on this issue.

I am unable to upload webpages/files to my website via MS Frontpage, whilst Comodo firewall is operational.

Uploads DO work when Comodo is switched off, so I can confirm it is the firewall that is the issue.

Q. Is there anyone here using Frontpage able to upload pages, and if so…how ?

*I vaguely remember Zonealarm asking me to authorise another program wanting to access the web when Frontpage would try to upload, but I forget what it was. Any ideas ?

**Frontpage CAN connect to the webhost, but Comodo is stopping actual files from being uploaded.

Any help would be most appreciated, I’m sure I can’t be the only one. If I can’t get this sorted soon, then I’ll have to revert to ZA, which I’d rather not do.