From NOD to CIS?

Running Win7 RC here mind you.

I’ve been a longtime user of NOD32, its light, robust, very powerful and (after horrendous experiences with Avira) updates smoothly all the time, every time.

So my question is, should I stay or should I switch?

Depends on your experience. CIS requires more intervention with the application, but also gives you more protection than NOD32 alone.

You could also choose only to install CIS Firewall with Defense+ and use it with NOD32 antivirus.

Hope this helps Kitte :slight_smile:

Well considering that you are using a beta OS anything is possible. I used NOD 2.7 and 3.0 years ago along side Comodo 2.4. CIS is a full security suite. Watch Matt’s review and you will be amazed at how well CIS does. Keep in mind that the video is always version 3.8. Many improvements since 3.8.

That is also good advice. ;D

“If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it”
You seem like you are happy with Nod32, Is there any reason that you are thinking about other programs? If it’s just because you are curious I can give you some reasons why you Should TRY CIS .

  1. CIS is Free
  2. CIS has a HIPS
  3. A more configurable firewall.

Justin has some good points :slight_smile: “Cocktail”

And it would have been better if matt had answerd the truth when CIS installer asked “is this Computer clean”, (He hit yes when it wasnt) when he was doing the review for a infected PC

I’ll give it a whirl. Considering that I always try stuff out on my computer (been through 12 Linux/UNIX distros here). And I have the RC so that says something ;D

Although one of my grievances with CFP is that the interface is very clunky, feels like I installed some Linux on top of windows. A more “Aero-ey” look on the way?

CIS 4.0 is being developed with completely new GUI. Will it be more Aero - dunno ;D

Linux :-TU