from Mozilla news group, Satanic Firefox! (lol)

just found that in a mozilla newsgroup, enjoy!


Firefox will not let me install it when I select “I do NOT Accept the
terms of the License Agreement”. Hey, I’m being honest. I DO NOT
accept the terms, and that is my honest opinion. I am a Christian,
and I am not going to lie, because telling lies is sinful which
condemns a person to hell. I’d still like to use Firefox, but I am
not going to go to hell because of their terms which I will not
accept, and I refuse to lie about it. I love Jesus and he will know
that I lied and I will be punished every time I open Firefox if I were
to lie. If I check the box that says “I do NOT Accept the terms of
the License Agreement”, I can not proceed with the install because the
“next” box does not work. I dont understand why Firefox is setup to
force people to lie, and thus go to hell. I believe Firefox is owned
by athiests who are truely the Anti-Christ, or else it was created by
Jews, who are trying to take Christ away from all of us because they
wont accept their own guilt for killing Jesus. I believe that the
creators of Firefox are evil satanic beings who must be punished, or
must repent for their sinful ways.

What should I do?

Rev. Adam Taylor
Christian Warrior For Christ

Hahahahahaha (:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH)

apache255 thanks for this.

I hadn’t laughed like that for ages.
It’s simply fantastic. (:TNG)


(:CLP) (:CLP)

Hilarious, that is excellent ha ha. I wonder if the author has read any Microsoft License agreements lately - he would have a brain embolism ha ha.


He obviously didn’t finish reading or understanding the entire EULA… And he’s calling the Mozilla guys satanic?

And here I was trying to cast out the demon called IE!


I wonder what he thinks porn pop-ups are? Postcards from hell?

Too funny!

you’re welcome. Can’t tell if the guy was serious or not, but the result is indeed extremely funny!


It’s just gotta be a joke (which probably means it isn’t…)!

I wonder what he objected to in the EULA? I wonder if he would consider trying EULAlyzer? Or would he object to that as well?

Hmmm. I think his view of what will cause him to be condemned is a little off, tho. Oh well, it’s good for a laugh if nothing else. :smiley:


Maybe it wasn’t the EULA itself but rather the browser name. Fire is symbolic with hell.

Yeah, but he said it would cause him to lie if he used it… What in the world would make you lie by using the software? That’s what I’d really like to know…


LOL, maybe he should get a firewall (not the software, but one to prevent fire).


Yeah, that’ll block all those foxes ;D

In context, wouldn’t that kind of “firewall” be salvation? Now we’re back to the start, since he’s concerned about condemnation…

Comodo could make a special version of their firewall for those type of people and name it an Icewall and have no EULA.

Icewall, ooh, that sounds rather cold and heartless. But good imagery, though. And no EULA, there’s a thought - if there’s no EULA, then he’s not forced to lie, now is he…


Icewall is supposed to sound heartless. It heartlessly blocks the bad guys.


lol (:LGH)

Network Monitor : Rule 0

Direction : ANY
Protocol : ALL
Action : BLOCK ( and a curse on thee if this thine rule betriggered)
Source IP : ANY
Destination IP : ALL
Destination Port : ANY

LOL. The man needs to begat something real quick.

ewen :slight_smile:

Oh noez!11 You hav brok teh internetz!!1!!11!1!