From France : huge problem after update (freelance and pro customer)

I enclose the end of the windows with probably the results ??
I really don’t understand and I can’t open the Windows wisely as usual.

In Windows partition, there all noted as “clean” or safe (“sain” in french).

Here’s the partition screen shot. I don’t know where the Windows logs are…

Is it this the logs errors ?

Thank you for the logs and CrystalDiskInfo log.

CrystalDiskInfo C5 and C6 show you have 960 (3C0) pending sectors. It means these sectors can not be read anymore because the magnetic field has faded over time. These are called uBER sectors (it means the error correction can no longer correct them). Each time Windows encounters such sectors it will try to read them but will fail. When Windows tries to read these sectors your system will freeze.

These sectors will go away when you do a full format (not a quick format). It will overwrite all sectors with 0’s. If during the format a sector is found it is mechanically damaged Windows will exchange that sector with a spare sector. That will be reflected with parameter 05 in CDI. After the full format C5 will show 0 and C6 will show 0 after a couple of days.

These uBER sectors may return after a full format. I had to do a full format twice within a month on an older hard drive which has been working without a glitch now for one and half years. But mileage may vary.

It means the hard drive is less reliable and it is up to you if you choose to do a full format and reinstall Windows or buy a new hard drive and reinstall Windows. You need to save all your data in the process.

I’m sorry I have to be the bringer of bad news for you. :frowning:

Ok thank you, even if it’s a very bad new :-
I work on computers all the day since 99 and till then, I never had to format. I always found another way.

The hard drive and computer was perfect till then, I find this strange. No instability, no bug, no crash, rapid, absolutely normal.
from one day to another, I find this strange…

There’s no software like Fiw It utilities or something like this to repair these sectors ?

There is no software to the best of my knowledge. How old is the hard drive that is having the problems?

It is at least a bit strange that you have quite a few pending sectors and that it all of a sudden started to happen.

Just thinking out loud you could let Windows perform system file checker and see if system files are affected and whether they can be repaired by system file checker. It’s a long shot. When I these issues I had WinHex do a scan and I managed to see some files being affected. After consulting a tech forum in my country I did the format and started clean. It’s how I learned to read the CDI tool.

I have three hard drives with four versions of Windows installed so I didn’t mind too much. Also because it was not my main drive.

Hello Eric,

You’re wright.
Alter the night, it seems it had no sence to have defectuous sectors in one night. And… After chkdsk !!! That should repair…

It’s something linked to last Comodo update, certain.

See :

  • absolutely no problem, nether a crash, since 2013. Nothing at all ok !
  • update Comodo : the computer wake up alone, I can’t find programmed tasks, etc…
  • after only 1-2 days, first crash after sleep (not sure it’s the good word ;o), stop button (nether happened)
  • end of last week : night chkdsk
  • I made the mistake to install last Windows updates : coincidence, they say it can be a problem with antivirus and a special key (already mentioned)
  • day after, little freezes, just seconds, but crash again at the end of day, stop button
  • one chkdsk later during week end, it’s catastrophic Monday, freezes every 2 min, very slow
  • I uninstall Comodo : perfect till I restart and better after
  • I delete registry Comodo keys : again no freeze for 30 min, no bug, absolutely perfect
  • but complete instability of boot sector since I uninstalled Comodo. I don’t even have safe mode !!

It’s obvious : there’s a big problem with your last update.
And my father, on another computer, another system, others softwares, couldn’t start Windows after your last update !!! One day fefore me !

It absolutely can’t be a coincidence or because of our computers.

After night, I maintain last CIS update did huge errors in Windows registry.

More than 1 week of nightmare and lost of work : please help ! Really…

Thanks for reading, I know it’s a bit long.

A chkdsk will not fix the pending sectors ( C5 and C6). Please check again with CrystalDiskInfo the Valeurs Brutes of C5 and C6. Also run the SMART read of HDD Scan and check the RAW Value of parameter 197 and 198. I want to see what both tools report about your hd.

Can you also check the health of the hd of your other computer with both tools and post the above mentioned parameters?

We need to look at the two computers separately. We cannot assume the problems are the same.

Currently there are a lot of problems with BIOS fixes for Intel based motherboard. Intel has retracted their BIOS fixes last month and is currently working on new fixes. What CPU does your system have? Did you update your BIOS with Spectre/Meltdown patch?

Can you tell what version of CIS you are using? Version is required to be able to install KB4074598 using Windows Update. Please notice that when downloading the update from the Windows Catalog you will be able to install it even when your AV is not up to date. That is why we need to know if you are/were using v10.1.0.6476.

The left over registry keys are not causing the problem you are facing.

We first need to know it is not your hd causing the issues you are seeing. If the hd is causing problems only a full format plus reinstall of Windows will fix the problems caused by a faulty hd. That will create the clean slate we need to see if CIS is having issues update KB4074598.

Sorry I to be hammering on the hd health and full format but it is only way to be able separate the symptoms caused by a faulty hd from other symptoms. I am not denying there could be a problem between CIS and KB4074598 but I need the influence of the hd to be gone. I can’t make it anymore beautiful than it is. :-[ :-\

Hello, many thanks for your time.

Juste one strange things : the reports of the tools was empty. I had the idea to louach it in adminstrator mode, and it works ob both tools ! Strange no ?
Here’s value for HDD Scan :
197 Current Pending Errors Count 095 093 0000000000-03C0 000

198 Uncorrectable Errors Count 095 093 0000000000-03C0 000

Same values for C5 C6 on crystal : 95 - 93 (image enclosed)

For my father is far from here (1000 km) and doesn’t speak a word of english. He won’t be able to use these tools. I’ll tell him but I don’t promise you anything.

CPU : Intel core i7-3770 3.4 ghz

For the CIS version, as I uninstalled it, I don’t know. It was 10, up tu date till now, it’s all I can say.

Have a good week-end (here it’s 19H17)

Sorry I forgot the BIOS. No, too dangerous. I don’t play with this. It’s really last last last thing I’ll do ;o)

The problems appeared before the Windows updates, without any change, installation, update except Comodo. So I don’t see why suddenly, BIOS or CPU would have a problem.

Important update

Yesterday I uninstalled Windows updates. But… it changes the parameters of WU and it installed it again just after, without noticed !

The fact is that now the computer is nearly normal ! Very very rapid, few freezes with only seconds to open some very big files in Windows Explorer. Absolutely no freeze for at least 45 mn !!!

No more noise like these next days (even before Windows updates, so it’s not the cause), the noise is also normal.

Only difference on the system : no CIS ! :o
What a surprise…

It’s the proof it has nothing to do with hard drive, BIOS or CPU. It’s really CIS last update, worse with last Windows update.

It’s not finished I suppose (haven’t tested safe mode, etc…), but really huge difference. I’ll test it more tomorrow, now it’s late and I’m very tired with this hard week.

Hope to have better news next time…

More than 1 hour without any problem !

Both tools show you have 960 pending sectors. The raw data of both shows 3C0 (HEX) which equals to 960 pending sectors.

Both tools report the same so we can safely assume your hard drive has problematic sectors. Because these sector can no longer be read (the error correction of the hard disk fails) there is only one solution and that is to do a full format and reinstall Windows. :-\

How old is this hard drive?

For my father is far from here (1000 km) and doesn't speak a word of english. He won't be able to use these tools. I'll tell him but I don't promise you anything.
Let's focus on your system for now.
[b]CPU [/b]: Intel core i7-3770 3.4 ghz

For the CIS version, as I uninstalled it, I don’t know. It was 10, up tu date till now, it’s all I can say.

Have a good week-end (here it’s 19H17)

Did you install KB4074598 update using Windows Update or did you download the installation package from Microsoft Catalog pages?

Have you updated the BIOS of your motherboard in the last two or three months?


The HD has the age of the computer, 2013, not old.
He worked perfectly till CIS update ! Errors or not…

2 options :

  • the defectuous were already there, and everything was OK
  • there were damaged by this problem with CIS

I also said the Windows updates were installed without asking me, after I uninstalled them, so it can’t be with Windows catalog.

Il also already answered for BIOS…

Imagine… I’ll format, re install everything (at least 20 H work beeing rapid with everything I need for my job). Doing X Windows updates (my god !). You perfectly know at the end, there’can be at least as many errors and problems, even without defectuous sectors.

I install again CIS, and ??? Same thing probably.

It’s not a solution to format and install again without taking in account that CIS has a big problem with french Windows. I don’t speak only for my father and myself, but for all french people, as it happens with W7 and W10 on 2 very different computers.

I asked about the age in case the hd would still be under warranty (typically two years). Had it still been under warranty I would have advised you to go the warranty process and ask for a new hd.

One of the mods reminded me to ask if you have backups of your important files in case some of that data got hit by the bad sectors.

CIS or any software will not cause uBER sectors. They are caused by magnetic domains slowly loosing their charge over time and error correction no longer being able to correct the errors in a cluster. That is the technical truth at hand. The rest is confusing order with causality.

The bottom line is that you need to do a full format (not the quick format) which will overwrite every sector on the disk with zeros effective getting rid of the pending sectors. Then perform a clean install of Windows.

I am sorry to be so direct but it is the only way to go.


There’s no confusion.

Uber sectors didn’t appeared in a night. And the computer was perfect till then. I won’t format because of pending sectors causing absolutely no trouble !

And my father doesn’t have any problem of pending sectors. But he had a problem with exactly the same CIS update, on a different system and computer.
It’s just logic…

The case in under investigation with your dev team.

First of. I am a moderator and I am a volunteer end user like yourself and I am not a Comodo employee. They may read but without a clear description they cannot move forward.

The hd in your system has a problem with uBER sectors as Event Viewer and disk analysis show. As a consequence I cannot tell what symptoms are from your hd and which ones from a possible other problem caused by KB4074598. I am not trying to deny there may be a problem with CIS and the MS patch but I need the symptoms of problems with a hd out of the way; there is no other way I can isolate the one from the other.

To see the effect of uBER sectors you could run WinHex and let it analyse the hd. When it hits a problematic sector your system will come to a standstill for a minute.

We could focus on your father’s system as it is a stable test ground but troubleshooting at distance through two hops and an inexperienced user is very tricky.

One of the mods adviced to urge you to make back ups of important given the state of the hd.

We are now deadlocked and there is nothing left I can do then wait for you to do a full format and reinstall Windows. I am sorry. :frowning: :-\