From France : huge problem after update (freelance and pro customer)


In december my father had a big problem after an update.
Now it’s me !

I’m absolutely certain now it comes from the last update. It seems Comodo is not very adapted to french computers.
I can’t give you reprts, etc…, because my computer is impossible to use now !!

I had strange crashed first. And the computer became slow, with “frozen” moments (don’t know haw you say this in english). After 2 scandisks, it’s worse ! Nether seen this. I can’t ask for help from the computer has it takes several minutes for each clic !

I wanted to uninstall CIS but I can’t either have the safe mode now.

My father had 2 bifs problems these week, on a different system, after your updates. He had to restore indows yesterday because of this.

Last time, Sergei (admin) had to work on his computer because even your removal tool didn’t managed to uninstal CIS !

It seems we really have a problem for French computers. I’m freelance, it’s very serious for me !
And I have the pro licence. Very disappointed and worried :-\

It’s really not normal to have so big problems for en update !

An idea ??
P.S : Windows 7 pro

Hi harmonycom,
What was the version of CIS?

Just wondering if you had one of older incompatible versions.


Hello, it was the actual CIS 10.
And my father installed the last pro version in December !

I think My father found the problem.

Windows warn that last update has incompatibility problems with some antivirus. It’s in french but please translate : 13 février 2018 - KB4074598 (correctif cumulatif mensuel) - Support Microsoft

Hi Harmonycom,

Can you please install stable Comodo Internet Security v10.1.0.6476 after uninstalling completely using Official Comodo Uninstaller v2.0.0.3 and provide feedback.

This version is fully compatible with Meltdown-Spectre patch in all operating systems.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


  1. I already used 2 times your cleanup tool. As for my father in december, a lot of keys remained with Ccleaner (see the enclosed capture).
    And I’m quite certain keys remains in registry, because even after a total scandisk this night, the system “froze” regularly.

  2. My father bought the pro version for us.
    He has W10, I have W7 pro. He has the pro version installed. And sunday he had a big crash too after your update, nothing to do. He managed with much difficulties to restore Windows, and that’s all !

So I’m not convinced at all by your latest clenup tool or your “stable” version.

Is there a stable pro version ? Now I’ve uninstalled CIS 10, I’d prefer to have the pro version, as I have it and the licence key.

Thank you.

Hi harmonycom,
I have messaged you CIS Pro setup link.
Please try that and lets us know results.


Sorry but I never saw that.
It affected Windows and the boot itself.
I can’t even reboot on Windows CD now !!!

I’ll tell you but I think I’ll have to ask for a pro repair, I see no more solutions :frowning:

It’s really not normal the last updates lead to this. It crashed the system till it’s HS. I work on computers all the day since 99, and I never had such a problem.

For my father it’s OK with restoration. But if he can’t update the program without also having crashes, restar, … ??

Thank you but there’s really something in your solution affecting dangerously Windows in France. It’s really not normal, our systems were clean and stable.

Hi harmonycom,

In order to help, we need some crash dump.
So if you can try latest production version Comodo Internet Security v10.1.0.6476 and if that still crashes, a crash dump may help.


Sorry, even with the translation tool, I don’t undesrtsand what is crash dump.
For my father he doesn’t have the time to do anything. The computer couldn’t even reload ! Restart, etc…
You see as much it’s not normal and serious.

For myself, I managed to restart Windows with the CD.

But it still freeze and it’s not repaired. If I install a monster like Comodo on this, it will be a disaster ! And you won’t have much information or message error.

You can see some details here as how to configure and collect crash dump.
I do understand your situation but unfortunately to be able to solve a crash like that we need a crash dump.

In the mean time you can try an updated release candidate version as posted here, same version is expected to go live tomorrow hopefully.

It has many crash fixes included.

I looked what you say and I have nothing mentionned…

In control panel I only have 2 options and not the one indicated.

The minidump folder is empty.

And there’s no “Automatic memory dump”, “Kernel dump” or “Complete memory dump” or memory dump file…

If you have re-stored, crash dumps may have lost.
Steps could be:

  1. Configure system for full memory crash dump as suggested in article.
  2. Cause crash
  3. If you can boot to safe mode, try to share full crash dump



I didn’t restore, my father did.
i repaired with Windows CD.

As mentioned, I only have 2 choices, and not the one in your article. The memory dump seems to be already activated, but not as you say.

And since I made the CHKDSK, I can’t even access to safe mode !

Another thing prouving there’s really a problem with your product for french people :

  • 2 good technicians confirmed it’s because of Comodo (sadly there not here)
  • this morning I uninstall Comodo Dragon, to be able to delete some registry keys without problems.
    Till then, my system is much more rapid and didn’t freeze !! Just because I deleted few Comodo keys. I suppose the system isn’t 100% OK but the big difference shows it’s really because of Comodo keys.

And it probable remains some keys in the registry !

No help ??

My computer still freeze each 10-15 mn and I saw others keys in the database :frowning:

I can’t install again CIS pro on this system !

Can you please try to install latest released CIS version v10.2.0.6514?

I am taking another angle. Some of the things you describe suggest you may be having a problem with your hard drive.

Can you check the Windows logs of around the time freezes happen? Do you see error messages from Windows that it cannot access a block on a hard drive? If that is the case then you are (also) having a problem with your hard drive.

When you run chkdsk does it report it found errors? And when it found errors could it fix them or not?

Could you check your hard drive’s health using CrystalDiskInfo and post a screenshot of it here.


i checked first hardware with bios Dell diagnostics ans everything was OK.

How to see these logs ?

I never had any error message otherwise.
When chkdsk ends it starts Windows without any message.

I’ll try the software you indicate.

But I say again my father had also a big problem with your last update, also damaging the Windows boot itself. Différent system, different computer, softwares and use, similar problem. Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence or his HD to !!!

I installed Crystal disk but even in french, I don’t know what to do with it :frowning:

I enclosed a screen capture.