port 14013 [RESOLVED]


sorry but I am unable to figure out how I can configure Comodo FW V3 in order to ‘unblock’ the incoming data on port 14013 from my router fritzbox with ip .

Tries to add a global rule, then to add a normal rule then to move it to the upper to etc. :frowning: no luck

plz have a look at screenshot:


[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Create new networ zone (my network zones->add) with IP and name it fritzbox, for example.

Then create a global rule and place it at the top of the list:
Source adress: Zone->fritzbox
Destination address: any (or Zone->yourNetworkCardName if you have LAN and don’t want your router to connect to other computers)
Source port: any
Destination port: 14013

Do you have windows operating system in application rules of network security policy? If so, what rules does it have?
What global rules do you have?

hello goodbrazer

I followed your advice but it didnt shut up the mess in my log.
But I succeeded to do so by deactivating ‘parental control’ in fritzboy that shouts out on 14013!