It has been a while since I updated any of the programs from and would like input from others that have tried them recently.

Liked Fresh Download but found that a few sites did not like multiple downloading. I might give it a try again?

Thought that Fresh UI had potential but not being a Geek would have liked recomendations for many of the tweaks! Anyone used Fresh UI and know where I can find recommendations for the different tweaks!

Fresh Diagnose also does an outstanding job.

The only program I have not downloaded and tried was FreshView

The only two negative items I have are some of the Google Ads and their placements on the web site and in their email when updates are released.

The other problem for some users, is that FreshDevices require a provider email account. They will not accept Hot Mail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. One registration and you get different registrations for each of the software.
I have never received spam during the years I had used their software.

Oh just noticed they now have a new site it only has 3 prgrams Fresh HTML, Fresh FTP, and Article Shine, Not sure how good they are but if these programs are of the same quality they are above Good especially for FREE Software.

Again I am interested especially in 3 programs Fresh UI and tweaking recommendations, Fresh Diagnaose and Fresh Downoad.

Thank you for your recommendations and suggestions.


I never heard of that till you posted it. The only download manager I ever use use Free Download Manager. All those other tools they off are useless. Fresh UI you can do all those tweaks yourself. Be careful when you use things like this cause it can actually cause your pc harm. What are you looking to do? As far as Fresh Diagnose. Blah Use this instead. I love it.

Looked at the images at the bottom of your link.

They both do a good job. CPU Wizard more on hardware. I use a tool from my bios to check processor temp and voltages. In some areas Fresh Diagnose might have more details on software found one area where a couple of the Comodo products I use were identified by ID number and location. Found it in Threads. Wish with the svchost connections it could better identify the programs that started it.

The benchmark image from CPU wizard looked similar to a benchmark screen from Fresh Diagnose that I ran 2 years back. What I would like to find is a diagnostic scan that could be run when a problem occurs that could better identify problem areas. Something similar to SiSoft Sandra but more targeted and detailed (and FREE).

I agree not knowing what you are doing when tweaking can lead to trouble, that is why I asked if anyone knew of a list of recommended settings for any of the Tweaks for Fresh UI. Depending on the system it may be better to go Low and another go High and on some stay centered.

When I used it 3-4 years back only did 3 tweaks. The only tweak I remember is release dll when finished. Some times a dll file will stay activated way past the time that programs was closed. This is to ensure a quicker response time. I found with myself IF I close a program only a few times do I go back to it that soon. The time saving of having the dll still loaded is insignificant to me compared to the resources saved by releasing it.


Fresh UI is a good little app but the tweaks you may want for your system are probably not going to be the tweaks anyone else may want for theirs. As such, it’sw going to be hard to find a definituive list of how to apply each tweak. Your usage and your expectations will vary the tweaks.

Fresh Diagnose is a little gem.

Fresh Download is also nice, as is Fresh FTP, although I find it a little simplistic (though some of my friends like it for that very reason).

Freshwebmaster HTML is a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor. Not bad, but restricted in functions at the moment. Worth keeping an eye oin, though.

Ewen :slight_smile:


     With so many tweaks and new ones added with each release of Fresh UI, I had hoped that there might have been "Some Documentation and Recommendations" printed some where ?  ?

   Also wondered if there was already an easy to use tool target and scan for problems.  I know SysInternals have several but for the non Geek they are not simple to use and diagnose.

  But Fresh UI, Diagnose and Download are Gems.  But they are not every ones cup of tea.  Think they might be worth Comodo looking at?  They are not Security but they are Utility Programs.