Frequent Warnings

I have been using Comodo firewall for a short time, but have already become irritated by two warnings. Hopefully there is a rescue available.

  • Everytime I do a Send and Receive in Outlook I get a Comodo warning about my myrealbox certificate. I suppose that it has a different name or number each time, but if I just click send and receive and don’t say OK to the warning my e-mail just sits there waiting.

The other item is the spool file everytime I print Comodo wants to warn me Word or Excel is trying to create a file.

Thanks in advance,

This sounds like a version 3.0 thing to me (Defense+ warning), are you really using 2.4?


Not sure, I’ll check tonight. Like I said I have only been using it a short while and I would probably have downloaded the latest I found, not know any better.
I do see Learning pop up a lot.

OK, it’s easy to know: look for the “About” button, or even easier, 2.4 has a blue interface whilst 3.0 is more light green mixed with grey/blue.


Your assumption was correct. Version
The questions are:

  • Should I uninstall version 3 and install version 2?

Or should I move this question to the Version 3 Help forum?

I’m moving it for you. :wink:

Now to your actual questions, have you really ticked “Remember” when you allow the actions which Defense+ warns you about?


Thanks for moving LA.
and yes “remember” is checked at all times.

OK, would it help to check which .exe file that causes these alerts (Defense+ will display the name of the file), and add this/those file(s) to “My Own Safe Files” under the Defense+ menu?


BTW I recommend you keep version 3.0, it’s more secure than 2.4, and is developing further (2.4 has stopped being developed).


I got on the Internet last night and Comodo said it wanted to update itself. Now it is version

I am also in the process of updating my Object Desktop to version 2008 and WindowBlinds 6 is not working anymore, it is claiming a spy protection app is blocking. Please see attached file. I added WBconfig to the approved application programs but that didn’t seem to help. I also rebooted 3 times and clicked on the “Use additional process button”, and that didn’t do anything either.

I posted this morning on the ObjectDesktop Forum.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I use Windowblinds and have for years. I have no problems using it with Comodo. Your better off updating it through Stardock Central which you can download for free.

The new version OBD2008 uses Impulse rather than Stardock Central. Impulse seemed to work just fine. i am thinking though that I will need to re-install WB6 from archive.

I have the new version but even Stardock says to use Stardock Central. It control everything. Uninstall. Reinstsll. Updates. I have had WB for 5 years now. But I don’t use Objectdesktop either.

Sorry for late reply. Any news in this topic?


I put comodo on training, but I still get warnings for the certificate each time I check my e-mail and each time I print.

VettechI was able to fix WindowBlinds 6 using Stardcok Central and getting a new version. Impiulse said WB6 was installed incorrectly and asked me to find an application update, I did.

Did you try this:


Not sure I am looking in the correct place. The certificate request for e-mail is from * and not a file.

Then I don’t know what it’s about, sorry. I still guess the printing issue could be resolved if the .exe is marked as safe, but I’m not sure.


Right, I haven’t printed on the Internet lately, but I assume that is winspool.exe. I’ll check it and add it to “My Safe Programs”?

I found the server on the Internet that I was getting the certificate warning from and they had a series of certificates offered so I installed what I thought it should be and commodo is happy now.

And I am even happier, because now my wife can get e-mail. She was scared off by the warnings.