Frequent usage sites in "New Tab", and No Auto Correct? Can't open Twitter

So, I’m a little confused. When clicking on the + Sign, it goes to New Tab like normal, but there is Qatar airways, nutrisystem, Boost Mobile and sprint in my Frequent site list. I go to clean my list, and everything else is gone, but these sites? Why are these here? It’s a fresh install of Comodo Dragon. On Chrome it’s not like this. I’ve never even looked up or even flown in a plane, and Qatar airways is in India right? I’m from the US, so I don’t understand.

Now onto Auto Correct. I don’t see the red squiggly line, nor can I right click and change things to the correct spelling. Like I can on Chrome.

I also cannot open Twitter either. I get “If you’re not redirected soon, please use this link.” It stays like that for however long I sit there. Clicking the Link does nothing as well. I have to go to Chrome for me to view anything twitter related.


Hi Darkmage4 !

Thank you for your feedback.

Those sites that won’t disappear are our sponsored links. In the new upcoming update, you will have an option to disable them, but until then there is no possible way of making them go away. Regarding the twitter issue, can you please go into settings → show advanced settings → and uncheck “Enable malware domain filtering”. Relaunch and see if it works. If not, can you please tell me if you have checked the option: “Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)” ? And finally for the auto correct we will investigate. Can you tell under which circumstances it did not work? Or the steps to reproduce it? Also check in the settings → show advanced settings → spell check and see if the English dictionary is enabled.

Comodo Browser Team

Ok! Thanks!

Alright, I disabled both of those options and twitter works finally. Is it something that CD doesn’t like about Twitters HTML and the way it handles SSL/TLS?

Now! For that, I can misspelll ← that, and the sqigly line wont show up. (I’m really not that bad of a speller, but I do type fast and edit my mistakes later. This is what it shows to me

Chrome: this is in the same thread of this, just chrome.

This is spell check: on CD.