Frequent updates?

I get messages about new updates quite often. For example sometime last week and again today. I always install those updates and restart the PC. So I guess they get installed.

But the release notes say nothing about a new version. The last one dates May, 4th. And it’s the same build number as the once I have currently installed.

Is there something wrong with my updates or some minor patches released that often? It’s a little annoying because a restart is needed every time.

Last Week for 5.4, which had a Bug in it, so Yesterday an Update was release but with the same version number, just the bug was fixed

Ok, thanks. Since the release notes aren’t update regularly I often thought the update went wrong in the past.

The release notes are notoriously behind.

It is better to check in News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS. The release topic is always a sticky topic.