Frequent issue with all tabs loading black screens, only reinstallation helps

Hey all. I started using CD about 4 days ago and I’ve noticed that almost every time I reboot my pc, and even sometimes in the same session, CD will stop loading pages properly and instead display a black screen where the content should be. See this picture for an example:

Obviously this is annoying. I don’t want to reinstall CD every time this happens (which is often). I searched the forums and the web but found no other discussions regarding this issue. Help pls.

Does cleaning browser cache and restarting Dragon help?


It is possible this is an issue related to GPU compositing in Chromium.
Disabling the “GPU compositing on all pages” feature in about://flags proved to be a viable workaround in some cases.
Updating your video drivers might also solve the issue.



clearing browser cache did not resolve.

@George-Silviu Blendea

That worked! Thanks so much.

I have solved the problem, with the GPU setting, but there is a specific site, that loads normally and the it turns all black. But I can click on its links and it only happens on CD. Anyone can help me?

Hi and welcome Ouji,
Can you post the specific site, if it is personal maybe send the link via PM.


hi, i had the same issue. At first i though an extension is the problem so i uninstalled everything.
Also i tried deleting all the user data. didn’t work.
I then unchecked all the options inside the “settings” tab until i found out that what was causing the black issue is this:
under “show advanced settings”
then “system”
there is an option “Use hardware acceleration when available”
so obviously my hardware is not compatible with the browser but now everything is working as it should be.

I have the same issue… turning off hardware acceleration in settings does fix it, but gives me performance issues on online videos. The GPU fix mentioned above fixes it for some pages, but my facebook still comes up blackscreen.

And still gives me performance issues for online videos… switching browser till you fix it.