Frequent Display Bistorting (Only the content part)


I use Comodo Dragon in my desktop and laptop. There is few display issues for Comodo dragon in my desktop. The facebook videos are slow in both of them. Feels the lag. But no problem in Firefox or Chrome in both systems.

The major issue I face on my desktop is the diplay gets distorted for Comodo Dragon. I am attaching the screenshot. This happens frequently while scrolling. This issue is not present in my laptop. I have tried unistalling, installing, without any plugins, without logging in to my google account. The issue remains in Dragon. I am not sure why. Do let me know if u have any kind of workarounds or changing any attributes.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I also get distortion every now and then which in my case is always instantly remedied by minimizing Dragon and then having it show again. I figure my issue is because my display/graphics card only has 512 MB RAM.


The issue could be caused by incompatibility with the display adapter drivers.

Please try the following:

  1. Navigate to about://flags
  2. Disable the following option: GPU compositing on all pages
  3. Restart Dragon.

Let us know if the issue reproduces.


That works most of the time for the display issues I had!