Frequent crashing of IceDragon 38.0.5 (associated with Gmail standard


I’m experiencing frequent crashing of IceDragon 38.0.5 (Much more than previous version 36?), ever since it updated from ver 36.

Seems to be more associated with Gmail standard version than any other site. Does not crash with Gmail basic version.

Noted that does not crash in IceDragon safe mode, but will crash even if all add-ons are disabled.

I tried an unistall and fresh install of ver 38, but it installed 36 in its place. The Rollback to version 36 improved stability (though crashed sometimes, but the autoupdate soon installed IceDragon 38 with associated frequent crashes.

OS: WinXP sp3
Security: Comodo Internet Security, PeerBlocker, SpywareBlocker, SpyGuard

Please see attached for trouble shooting Info.

Thanks in advance for you assistance.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi drmoshe,
Try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under browsing in the general tab of the advanced settings.