Frequent Crashes of and security

This version is not really stable sorry to say.

According to a query that i raised with LastPass concerning their extension on Comodo Dragon, they also reckon CD has security issues!? Are you aware of this?? Here is the link…

I’ve had no problems with since it came out (I have it installed all over the place, XP, 7 Vista)

Of course being 3 minor revisions behind Chrome 4.1x (Latest Chrome:, 27 April), there will be security issues that need to be addressed. No one piece of software is from security holes. I am sure older versions of LastPass could be considered “dangerous”, but we don’t make baseless accusations like that.

It seems the issue raised by LastPass is still partially in limbo. (Claims to have been fixed in, but there is STILL a problem in 4.1x and 5.x )

Now trying temporarily the Google version of Chrome 5.0.375.55 and it seems so far really stable, including LastPass extension.

Hope CD can get itself sorted soon. Also think it would have been good for Comodo to produce something like Last Pass, great extension, multi-platform, very secure. May be a chance for Melih to get his wallet out again ;D because leaving it to Comodo to develop a new product in house may risk years of frustration in using alpha versions, like some other comodo products :frowning:

Comodo did develop “Comodo Vault” to store passwords and stuff in, but I think it is discontinued. 88)

I will probably stick with LastPass. It works wonderfully, and since I like it so much I paid for the premium (it is pretty cheap anyway). Very good support too.

It would take Comodo a long time to rival all of LastPass’s features…one-time use passwords for public computers, extensions for most browsers (Opera doesn’t have the right API or something, though), auto-logout, secure notes, auto-fill, support for transferring from other password managers (e.g. KeePass & a browser’s own vault, etc), wide range of settings, Grid Multifactor Authentication, equivalent domains, YubiKey support, mobile smartphone support (premium only…but premium is cheap), trusted computers, URL rules, strong security measures, multiple identities, share passwords, and more.

I’d like to see Comodo beat that anytime soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why i suggested Melih gets his cheque book out and buys them before someone else does! ;D

Comodo has a wonderful ability to ruin good products (BOClean?) so I’d rather not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Note that they don’t always ruin products. :slight_smile: Often, acquisition of a small service by a larger company ruins the small service. 88)