Freezing when enable rootkit scan enabled

I have just been upgraded to CIS 5.3 and decided to do a manual scan with the root-kit scanner enabled.
After a few seconds the CPU was up to 100% and my computer froze. The scanner said my status was I had to restart the computer. When I turned off the enable rootkit scanner and did a Manual scan it ran O.K. Has any body else had this problem.

Try updating to the latest. It is on the update servers:
Whats New in 5.3.175888.1227 ?

FIXED! CIS causes unnecessary DNS queries and update checks
FIXED! AV does not properly validate the revocation status of the SOME certificates
FIXED! AV scanning freezes if rootkit scanning is enabled
FIXED! FW shows too many listening connections
FIXED! AV scanning crashes on some compressed files

If you want to download the full installer: Comodo Forum .

Hello EricJH, I have the latest version 5.3.175888.1227 (why so long), which I upgraded using the built in installer, offered to me yesterday. I am still having the same problem, everything freezes at 57 secs, with the status being I can’t remember if previous versions had the rootkit scanning option, if so it has not been fixed in my case.

This must be a bug;

Please report one here


Thanks Jake, have reported a bug.

Ok; Thank You