With any settings it freezes ( Erased.Waiting for a stable version. Installed ESET.(+HitmanPro,…)

Hello AntinDoro,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this issue.
For further analysis,could you please elaborate your issue like what you did ? and what happened?

Have a nice day!

To successfully run two security programs side by side you may need to take additional measures like f.e. adding folders of CIS to the exclusions of Eset and vice versa. That can help to avoid performance or freezing issues.

If both applications have a sandbox we advice to decide which sandbox you want to use and disable the other. The same we advice for the case of two network firewalls.

What incarnation of CIS are you running? Firewall only, AV only or Internet Security Suite? What version of Eset do you have installed? More precise what security options does it have?