freezes when scrolling

For the longest of time Ice Dragon has been hanging (freezing) for a short amount of time whenever I scroll down a page with either the wheel of my mouse, the scrolling bar, or keyboard arrows. I experimented with other browsers including Comodo Dragon, and this does not happen. Can someone recommend a solution to this problem?
Thank you

i never had this problem , i use a driver for my mouse taken on their site.

Like I said, it only happens with CID, and with no other browser or program. I highly doubt it’s the mouse’s driver. Besides, it happens when I use the arrows on the keyboard too.

do not know … maybe a game is open or libreoffice … strange … never happened to me because i am using a driver from the site of my mouse (logitech) … do you think that is a malfunction or a hack ? a virus, a control of your keyboard from outside ?
do not know - sorry - good luck.

Hi lionclaw,
I would suggest trying with ‘Use Smooth Scrolling’ disabled and if that fails try with ‘Use Hardware Acceleration’ disabled.
Both settings found under browsing in the advanced options.

If the above fails, I would try resetting IceDragon found in the troubleshooting information under help.
Note: Resetting will remove added extensions, themes and some other user set preferences.

Kind regards.

Oh well, nothing really worked. It looks like I need to reinstall this browser again when I have more time.

Hi lionclaw,
Sorry to hear that nothing has worked to solve this issue.

You could try CID portable, this is independent from the installed version.
If this solved the issue, it would tell that the installed version or its user profile has a problem or corruption.
If this doesn’t solve the issue, we could count out corruption or problems with the installed version.
Select ‘Portable Version’ in step 2 of the installation instructions below.
Downloading and Installing Comodo IceDragon

Kind regards.

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

You are welcome, I hope something works out in your favour. :slight_smile: