Freeze on loading

Good evening.I have the following problem.When I boot in Windows 10,while the apps are loading,boot procces is freezing and stops there.No more apps load (desktop is loaded but in task bar no other apps are shown). I uninstalled cis and everything was OK…multiple times! When I reinstalled it half of the times it was freezing.Any suggestions?

You’ll need to give more details:

Windows version and build
CIS version
CIS installed by Upgrade or Clean Install
Upgrade from what version
Clean Install how

Good evening.Windows 10 v.1909.CIS I had it since win 1803.Up to 1903 it was almost OK. Then started to not let loading apps.I upgrade to win 1909 hoping it would fix it.I uninstalled CIS several times using its unistaller and sometimes I used the special uninstall /removal tool. Still the same.half of the times apps are not loading

These issues are known with CIS 12.6914 and are being worked on. Some have been fortunate with it and have it working, but as in your case, serious bugs have occurred

There is a CIS Beta 12.6938 released for testing, but if I were you, I would consider an uninstall using the CIS Uninstaller and going back to 12.6882, until a new stable version is released

OK,I will try it.Thanks.

I ve searched and I havent found this version anywhere.I found only the latest one.Where I may download it from?

Hops this helpsCIS Offline

CIS Online

The beta version can be downloaded from Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.0.6938 Beta 1 is available for testing.

Hi jjoker,

Thank you for Reporting.
This is an Known issue with the CIS v12.1.0.6914, Could you please check with the latest v12.2.0.6938 Beta 1 Version and notify me if the issue persists in the same condition.