Freeze bug-AGAIN?!?

Well, I’m not really impressed with the new version 4.0.XXXXXX.779
The same bug from the first beta of CIS 4 appears again and again.
I’m trying to download a malware, just to test the av and my browser(opera 10.51) freezes, CIS freezes too, then crashes.Look at the picture.I’m tired of repeating this bug here, in the forums.Moving to other security software.Sorry, but cannot repair all YOUR bugs on my own every day.Other bug.ATI and Realtek drivers do not autostart, when CIS is installed.This is so s****d.The most famous PC drivers.

I have reported several times CIS crashing bugs, but nothing happened.You don’t care really.

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please do a clean system installation, install opera and cis (can try out virtual machine). If the problem still exists, there can be a bug, if not, you need to clean your Windows.

Thank you, but i tried this a thousand times.And yes, on clean system install too.

Can you send me your malware-link, please? (PM)