Freeware Antivirus/Firewall/HIPS SDK for developers (COM, C++ and .NET)

I have an idea for a product that COMODO could develop next. To provide the ability for software developers to integrate anti-malware and firewall capabilities into their applications and to stay competitive with the other security software vendors who are also allowing developers to use their technology in their applications for antimalware capabilities (but it requires the payment of a hefty price and the ability to meet in person with a representative of those vendors), COMODO should allow all software developers, business or not, to take advantage of COMODO’s antimalware technology in their own applications. While there is a lot of work that went into the making of COMODO’s anti-malware, firewall, and HIPS engines, making it free will provide a free alternative to licensing an antivirus SDK especially for those who would like to make the application that integrates this technology freeware as well.

we have sdk available

Dear Melih,

Thank you very much for telling me that there is already a SDK available. How can people get access to it? If it’s not already free to the public and is only reserved for close partners who are willing to pay for it, I just was suggesting that Comodo make it open to the public so that developers do not have to pay or enter into talks with a representative from a security suite vendor and will open even hobbyist developers looking to integrate antimalware in their products.

ok let me talk to Egemen to see what can be done.