freenet IPhone Communicator: No incoming calls anymore

Hello everybody,

I have installed Comodo Firewall on my Windows XP SP2. I deactivated Proactive Defense (Inactive) and the Firewall is set to level Custom Policy Mode.

I phone with the Freenet software “IPhone Communicator”. Still it is possible for me to call other people.
But after installed the Firewall it is impossible for the people to call me; means, incoming calls are blocked.

In addition to that disabling the firewall - setting security level to Disabled - does not solve the problem. Only if i deinstall Comodo, calling me is possible again.

There is a screenshot of my Policy Settings attached.

Thank you for help,

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is there anyone who has an idea? ??? ???

uninstall the program
put Comodo Firewall on training mode
reinstall the program
do a call to test
receive a call to test
and if all ok, put Comodo Firewall in Custom Policy Mode again and there’s no problem