Freemake Video Converter download blocked

My PC is Windows 7 64 bit with Comodo and I have the same issue on a Windows Vista PC 32 bit
Comodo is working with all safety set (Sandbox on)

I want to download a free video converter from this website:
As soon as I download I get a message from Geek Buddy asking to help me to clean my pc.
I decline and I get a popup warning that stays only a few seconds. See Attachment.
No way to do anything
I find the files in quarantine - see attachment -I clicked on them to send them

I finaly closed down all Comodo’s safety (Antivirus - Firewall etc)
I then succeeded downloading the file but as soon as I started Comodo again the download was put in quarantine.

At the moment I am helping making Dutch translations.
I translated instructions such as ‘Allow’ - ‘run in Sandbox’ etc etc.
Also : send to comodo
Why don’t I get any of these possibilities?

Is something wrong with the program I want to install?
I read a preview that says it tries to install other programs but you can skip that if you choose custom installation

You have detect potentially unwanted applications enabled under file rating settings which causes unwanted files such as spyware or adware to be detected as malicious nd thus be quarantined. You can disable this option or disable the anti-virus temporary until you are done downloading then create an AV exclusion for the downloaded file.

You have detect potentially unwanted applications enabled under file rating settings
Yes of course - has it any sense using Internet Security with this disabled?

I did disable Comodo and downloaded the file but then I got a warning for the downloaded file.
I think that after that I got the file out of quarantine.
Meanwhile I have uninstalled the program because it is indeed trying to push paying updates all the time.

My point here however is that I would expect more help from Comodo for a not so experienced user.
Translating the program gave me the impression you could interfere at different levels.
I have autoSandbox on. Why then wasn’t this file put in the Sandbox - with a warning that it would run in the Sandbox (I translated such a line) and the possibility not to Sandbox - also translated?