freedom to choose for what mode (paranoid, safe,...) pending files is active


  • I would like the freedom to choose myself, for what mode my pending files is active… no I am forced to use clean pc mode, but I actually want safe mode with pending files…

I would like this too. My pending files allows you to check what has been added/modified when you install software. It would be nice to be able to do this in other modes. In safe mode you could then add selected ones to my safe files and delete the rest easily. It would also tell you if an application drops rubbish into system32 folder.

It’s been a about a year since I posted my feelings about this subject and I haven’t changed my mind about it. I guess it’s a matter of too much to do and too little time.

Al (not holding my breath for this wish) Adric

I see there has been discussed about this very heavily… the people who want freedom and people who just want it as it is, is about 50%… I think letting people to choose for what mode will satisfy both parties… also we must not forget that the my pending files serves many purposes, like it is a tool for comodo to analyze possible harmful files… and make new signatures if possible…

So in short, by giving the possibility to users to choose for what mode my pending files is active, all users can be satisfied and it will increase the amount of files comodo will receive to analyze because people have the possibility to activate my pending files for the mode they want too, instead of being forced to use 1 particular mode…

This thread is interesting too. I have not noticed any re-architecture changes in pending files so far. Maybe next year ;D


what doIdo with pending files that are active- completely computer illiterate!!!

I really like that!

Also I think it will be a good idea to set some kind of limit to the amount of files that can be displayed in the my pending files window… so if there let us say more than 1000 files, CIS will alert to review the list and delete files, move them etcetera… that way the list can’t grow too big…

i too like this idea cause if u are in safe mode u dont know which files should we exactly submit for analysis +1

This is a good idea I also missed from Safe-Mode.