Freedom, justice and dignity [CLOSED]

three things ALL people really should have… (see above)

ARE NOW being forgotten in my native country, but, I fear, not only in my country.
It’s the PEOPLE now, who could’ve loudly said: NO…
but they are like cattle naively facing their own slaughter…

MorphOS REBOL is not, never giving up.
But he’s lost his belief in humankind some months ago.

He really loved some of you here, and will, forever, keep you inside as really good friends by heart.
I will NOT name anyone here. But you all know who you are, at least.


Freedom: scares politicians, so 9/11, 7/7 etc. were just what they wanted so that they can ‘justify’ the gradual move towards dictatorship and police state.

Justice: has not really been applied since it was overwhelmed by law; it needs wisdom and judgement and truth, so totally beyond lawyers and courts.

Dignity: for years now, governments have ground us down, applying more and more petty laws that give us no choices and make any communal events too difficult to be worth organising. Dignity needs some degree of pride in self and community and that has been suppressed by fear of litigation and the petty officials covering their arses, so communication and concern for others have almost gone.

Yes, you are correct - the current crisis, based on greed, corruption and stupidity shows that.

About 10 years ago, I realised that as the price of my house rose its value dropped; also that the only way that I had to realise its ‘value’, i.e. get and use the money, was to take early death, then I could live comfortably.

Who needs terrorists to destroy society when we have bankers (rhyming slang) and politicians?

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