Free Zemana AntiLogger License key worth USD40.00

Wasn’t sure where to post this but this software complements CIS - another level of defense and the software rocks !

get it while the getting is good :wink:

This was already posted:

The example cited in your link assumes the user is infected with Banker:Trojan, which any good AV will detect. CIS D+ should also alert you to the installation.

If you use CIS suite, Zemana Antilogger is useless, IMHO.

that’s where your wrong in your thinking. i have tested the scenarios with aklt

say you download some software not digitally signed and trust it outside the sandbox and it tries to key log you or screen capture it jumps into action. like i said another level of protection , and it works flawlessly with CIS. test what i say for yourself tough guy ;D

Guess you haven’t been to the authors site in a while… It (the app) hasn’t been updated since 2008.

Quote -
Welcome, will not be available for a few months from now primarily due to the money it costs me each month (more than 40Euro).

Also, one of the first purposes of firewallleaktester was to make people aware that software firewalls could be bypassed by many ways, point well taken nowadays by both the end users and the vendors themselves. Current security suites are more secure than before, and are able to detect and block the stealthiest malware out there.

I am keeping the domain name though, as firewallleaktester may come back later, probably about security globally and not just about software firewalls.

Time will tell.

Best Regards,
Guillaume Kaddouch

End Quote

I’m sure we’ve had much discussion somewhere on the forums, Sure it fails …sort of.
The tester can run because you let it, trust it etc. so it is allowed some functionality.
As far as CIS goes there is no malicious payload or unknown apps communicating, or something installing of which you were unaware. You did say you trusted it right?

Easy to see where the logic streams collide.


has not been updated since 2008 (so what) ? run a virus from 2008 without an av running . say u download an app to batch rename files and it has to be run outside the sandbox to function. it has a malicious payload and it’s has a trojan ( a zero day trojan ). Bam Zemana saved the day. please don’t to try to tell me something other. i’m down with CIS and will always use nothing other paid or free.

let me say it again another level of protection

So when CIS says i don’t recognize this file give it up and we will analyze it for you.
You choose to ignore and trust on your own.

If Zemana says this app is hooking your monitor or keyboard you will stop using it.

Where it could have been caught before you installed it.

May i say unnecessary protection.

PS: The point of the earlier post was that the author himself gave up as he realized the test had become pointless in the face of the new security suites of which CIS is a leader.

dude i don’t use cloud protection if you discount running Hitman Pro on occasion. if an unsigned app tries to hook my PC it’s gotta go. at the least looked at a h3LL of a lot closer.

apples and oranges . . . but i assure you i am correct ;D

I don’t need a logger simulator, I used a genuine keylogger program when I tested Zemana. See link in Reply 1 of this topic.

This discussion is pointless. This is a division of Comodo forum, which is called the other security products. So posting here about Panda Internet Security for example, Zemana AntiLogger or Kaspersky Antivirus is the most reasonable. And this guy ever writes about Comodo Internet Security. If You do not know there is a special section where You can write all and all again about CIS. However, stop here and let cling to Comodo forum members to post what is this section applies. Goodbye.
P.S. I have got a request to some Mod to close this topic.
Thank You very much, greetings to everybody.

Malware Research Group recently tested secuirty suites and stand alone anti-keyloggers on both clean and infected systems on Win 7 x32 and x64. Report can be downloaded from

For clean systems, all securuty suites failed except Bullguard. For infected systems, all secuirty suites failed.

For stand-alone applications, Prevx, Protect On Q, DefenseWall, Trusteer Rapport, and Zemana AntiLogger passed - Prevx only on x32. For infected systems, all the above except Defensewall that doesn’t run on x64.

Comodo wasn’t tested. In fact I have never seen a comparative done in this area by a test lab in which Comodo participated. Untill I see Comodo pass such a comparitve, I will assume it is unsafe to use alone for critical financial applications.

Yes, this is a discussion board about other security products, but at some point CIS products may enter the equation. Actually, looking back through the posts here I see it was sAyer who first brought CIS into the conversation, not I.

If you believe Zemana Antilogger is a necessary tool in your security arsenal, then by all means use it. However, others reading this topic have a right to hear differing opinions, too.


Thanks for the link, DonZ. I noticed a caution in the report against using logger simulators, which is something I did not do. I used the real thing.

The bottom line IMHO, is if CIS is properly configured a keylogger program cannot run at all without the user’s consent.


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well one more post and I’ll leave this alone .the giveaway is over anyway. Jahn you have your opinion i can respect that, but your not grasping what I’m trying to say. there is a world of wonderful software that is not digitally signed and not yet a white listed file in CIS . a zero day threat can bypass CIS when u trust the file. certain files have to run outside the sandbox to function that’s obvious.

. . . layered security

just refer to the reviews on there site . . . especially the quote from cnet

This is my last post here …
Of course, that anyone can have an opinion. It is here that one member of the forum shall include a link to the program so that another forum member can benefit. If somebody want to use it it’s ok, if somebody don’t want to use it - it’s also ok.
And most important: I never said that Zemana AntiLogger is necessary. It was given for free in two different places. So maybe someone benefit from this.
This is so simple…