Free Website Hosting


I have one question for you all: any good, free website hosters you know of?

Not the website makers like Weebly (good though), Webs, and those blog sites.

I want to test Wordpress, SMP Forums, and other “cool website things.” :slight_smile:

Hi LS,

Doesn’t your ISP give you any webspace to make your own website ? I can make a 50mb one. :slight_smile: It might be nice to check that out.

You might want to check this site out " Free Web Site Hosting Services ". It looks interesting !


I found Zymic. Looks interesting, and has good features. More than most free hosts.

One problem is that the bad guys use the free subdomains too, so I have to get enough good WOT ratings for my site for it not to be yellow/red.

They have an IRC channel too with staff/volunteers on it.

(I had mentioned that WOT rated some of the zymic domains as red, and he recommended I didn’t use WOT. We got into a discussion over security, and he also said Comodo was unpopular now so I shouldn’t use it. I still use both CIS and WOT. :stuck_out_tongue: )

You mistake ;D. You can try zymic if you want, if you don’t mind about WOT rates :).

(otherwise, use one of the hosts I gave you with that link :wink: )


I noticed a lot of those were red too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it has to do with a lot of scamware to use those hosts :frowning:


Yeah. :frowning:

Zymic has a lot of limits for security, some of which don’t let WordPress run well…have to manually upload themes, can’t connect to other servers…etc.

So what’s the name of the site you’re going to host ?


Secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…it is just a test site for now. You know, trying out WordPress, some of those cool-looking website things, SMF, etc.

I may make it my main site sometime…

This is the address. I’m working on the site, but I haven’t done anything to the index page yet.

I tried, but after ten minutes I still haven’t received their conformation email (and yes, I did type it out right).

Perhaps they need to confirm if you’re not going to use their service for malicious purposes.
The homepage seems to work, even if it’s kinda slow :).

eXp seems too good to believe.

For free, you get all this.

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