Free Web Email account required

Hi all,
I just downloaded the latest dragon, impressisive.
Anyway, my question is, what email account like hotmail, but not hotmail can I use?
I have tried yahoo, gmail and safe-mail
All have various problems, for example

Hotmail does everything except send email! Takes forever to load and shows me the news instead while it is trying to load the inbox. It won’t let me send any mail unless I do the suggested options, but there is nowhere to be found where to go and klick on the options. Then it may sk me to solve a puzzle in case I am sending spam.
It’s nuts!
It shows all sorts of “suggestions” and says I am logged into messenger
when I am actually not, in fact I don’t use messenger or any other chat gizmos.

I tried yahoo, still under development.

I tried gmail, I got lost

I have safe-mail, which was perfect, no ads, no gimmicks, https. But DRAGON does not like it.
When my recipients try to reply, they get a message from safe-mail saying that I don’t exist!
A friend in USA had to send me a snail-mail letter to make sure I am, existing still.
I surely do exist, as I type.

Please, someone, I need a email account, web based, free and simple.

I even tried google for “free web based email” or webmail and get a file to download that cannot be recognised to instsall.

I remember the early days when hotmail was simple and easy to use, and yahoo was a search thing, it worked to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really need to get an email account.
I am not on land-line yest, got one of those “go anywhere” USB sticks with a very low limit, 1.5 Gig per month.

Where can I get something that works, please?


I suggest I use it and it’s free:
*IMAP - POP3 - SMTP support
*Attachments - 50 MB one file
*mobile version access
*unlimited storage space
*big number of domains to choice one from them as [at]… (nice domains)
*delivers mails instantly.

Thanks, I’ll give it try

OK, It will do for now. And works better than all the others I’ve tried to date.
N.F.R. (No Fuss Rate): 65-75%

I can understand the ads and the news on their home page,
but is there a way to stop all this annoying ads while I am in my own new account?

For example, I am in my sent folder, and on the right are these ads.
Annoying to say the least and “thirsty” if one is on a limited 1.5 Gig per month internet plan.


That is, unfortunately, the price of “free” - nothing is absolutely free.

If their service is ad supported, and you want touse it without paying money, then you have to put up with the ads. If you don’t want the ads, you’ll have to pay for a non ad supported email server.

Ewen :slight_smile:

That is, unfortunately, the price of "free" - nothing is absolutely free.

I thought so…


You can use Mozilla Thunderbird and you won’t see any ads.


or use the email function of your internet provider.
most likely no advertising, more features.
because you pay for their service.
never thought about that? :smiley:

GMX seems to be OK. is based on GMX that (I think) is based on AOL. But have more domains very good, like,,, ,,,,,…

I agree with Clockwork,
Look into your ISP or give them a call and they will point you in the right direction.

Thanls for the suggestions, I am aware of thunderbird etc, the internet provider is USB by a mobile phone company. They don’t seem to have what a regular landline ISP has with user name as the account.

Also, I need web based so that I can access emails on the road at internet cafes whenever. It;s simlpler than carrying all that electronic stuff that constantly is a money pit to upgrade.

You see, I don;t have and don’t want all the latest portable electronic gizmos. I don’t even do online banking or online purchases, to me it’s like a rubber dingy in the pacific ocean this “convenient” online stuff.

My work is different, and it requires simplicity and unfortunately to be on top of the game as far as security goes.

I spoke about web site based email accounts of the internet provider :smiley:

For on the road access, it could be suggested to use an internet service with two way authentification (password, and then a sent sms keyword).

but I took on the first suggestion on this thread and signed up with, for now.