Free vs Paid

I use Comodo Internet Security Complete, version 7 - I am kinda worried when it comes to free security, so I paid for it. Given that, do you use the ‘free’ or ‘paid’ version(s) of Comodo?

I use the free version.

By the way, the free version of CIS provides just as much in the way of protection as does the paid version. The only differences are that the paid version comes with Trustconnect, guarantees, backup software, and some other extras. However, the core protection is identical between them.

I use free and installed free on a dozens of PCs.

i am using free-version 6. and satisfied !
But i am certain that a better security is given from paid version (trust connect is really a necessary tool) and support & phone is also a "plus " for professional help.

I use the free version.

The best things in life are free. :slight_smile:

I use only free softwares. There are many…many better than paid too.
Only 1 thing on my laptop is paid…Operating System.
Microsoft Office…got from my cousin…Yes, its genuine (free for me as he paid :))

I am using free verison called “Premium” :slight_smile:
Comodo gives that free because, as Melih said “Security is not luxury, it is a right!”
I love Comodo and vision of Melih 8)

I use the free version


Free version and my comments are the same as Chiron and ygido.

Paid, I think its worth paying for 88)

one day I’ll buy :smiley:

I use the free version as I have enough knowledge to handle the issues that are to come.

You mean to say ‘we paid users are a bit thick’? :stuck_out_tongue:

All right, just joking.

I haven’t had to ‘handle’ anything in a long time on my computers. Comodo has played a part in this so I reward them. My customers is a different story, with a random mix of AVs and FWs…and some of those misguided sheep even using Avast :o there is a lot of ‘handling’ required.