Free Unlimited Dialup

Well, I found this over at wilders and there is a discussion at freedomlist. It is a free unlimited connection dialup ISP. I used it for a few hours last night and it seems fine. As good a connection as my current.

I did not use their dialer or the email because I have not really heard of them before. All sign up info that I provided was made up. They don’t send a conformation email. They just let you know if your request was successful or not.

It looks very promising. They also have a premium version but I don’t see a need for it. If any one knows anything about them please let us dialuppers know. Too good to be true?


Great Dial Up

edit: US only

Seems to be ok according to some users:

Wow That is interesting. Good idea in my oppinion if it is true! But no good for me If only there was a free Broadband isp (:TNG)