Free Unified Threat Management for your business..just download for free

This is an enterprise level Firewall (UTM), that you can download and install on a computer to protect your business. Its for FREE!!

Congratulations. Did it just get released?

I looked at the page and I noticed a typo:


IPS Secure your network agaiinst intrusion based attacks with 24x7 updated IPS signatures.

yes brand new…:slight_smile:



A good initiative. Hopefully, business sector will present interest since you’re providing the conditions.

Is KoruganLite bundled with ALL full-features as the Korungan Appliance? Or are the features reduced in a way?

majority is same…some features are not there like URL filtering etc.


This link here at the very bottom has a comparison between the Lite version to the full version. The lite comes as we customized virtual machine that does the typical networking functions you will find with any infrastructure linux based distro. What it lacks primarily are the customized Comodo portions (URL filtering, Application Filtering, Cloud based AV, Automatic containerization) that make this a functional edge device.

have you tried it yet?

OK, I will give it a try. Is this a home solution then (KoruganLite)?

No, this is for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) full business suite including service desk and patch management.

I am talking about Lite version?

oh…no its not a home solution but a small biz version maybe…

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: