Free TrustConnect, cannot use HTTPS though...

Hi, I set up TC on my Windows Vista laptop, and also on my iPod. Both work as advertised, as long as the protocol is HTTP. But with HTTPS, I get a’unable to connect’ dialog box. This is the same on the laptop as well as the iPod. Any ideas on what might be wrong?

I’m using avast antivirus and Comodo 4 personal firewall (yes, everything’s free, I’m cheap, get over it already!).

Also the connection on the iPod is quite slow, I assume because it is going through the uk2 server - will you be lifting that server restriction anytime soon?

Do you encounter this problem on all HTTPS sites or only on some one?

Hi Vadim, it seems any HTTPS connection has the problem. What I actually get is a timeout, such as:

The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.

I had to disconnect my VPN before I could post this message!

Now it works OK. I wrote this message using Comodo TrustConnect free account. There are some screenshots of other https sites.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, as of June 1st it is working for me as well! I’ve had this HTTP/HTTPS dilemma before, unrelated to Comodo, and it’s always something on the server end that needs to be tweaked.

Next, we need to work on the speed issues, at least for the free VPN service.