Cloud-scanner free trial:

Why the heck would you sign up for the a FREE-Trial with your credit card when you’re not sure that you even wanna use the product more than once?, and how about the fact that you may have some sort of Virus on your computer that can steal your credentials…? And I know it’s not because of that lame excuse:

‘‘Because every trial account has the dedicated support from a Live PC Expert, a credit card number is required to protect against the small percentage of people who have abused the system and signed up for several free trials. To keep our costs at an industry leading low price this prevention became necessary.’’ Ha!

EDIT: Well… I got to say that iam sorry for this post… :o the first guy I talked with wanted my Subscriber ID and stuff… but the 2nd guy was really nice to me and optimized my computer, Thanks alot dude! Definitely going to buy this service, and iam going to spread the word around!