Free RMM, PSA (Service Desk), Patch Management (YEP FREE!!!!!)


If you are responsible for IT in your company and looking for an efficient and FREE way to manage it…
If you want to start up your business managing IT for your customers…

then you just found it Free RMM


Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)
Service Desk (Ticketing system)
Patch Management

All integrated together to make IT management a breeze.
You also get to talk to our developers to request anything you like in order to improve your workflow and we will be more than happy to take on board your request. And yep, its FREE!

We will be setting up a brand new forum for these Enterprise Users so that we can discuss and exchange ideas as well.

Go ahead take it for a spin and let us know your feedback pls.


Signed up and setting items up as we speak.

So far I’ve had the ticketing service nice and easy. Patch management is giving me a 502 Bad Gateway error. RRM has me create an account independent of the One service. This initial step I feel should be tied in with the original account already rather than needed that extra step/verification to the original One account. I’ll keep you posted.

Second fun, within RMM your download link for cleint side Linux agents is not active/listed;

great feedback Budda, thank you!

pls keep it coming, we will resolve this very quickly.

also, are you doing it as part of your company or to service other companies (eg: as an MSP)?

thank you.

Created an account then downloaded the RMM console. It says my credentials are incorrect even though I have verified them by logging into the RMM web dashboard atleast 5 times. When I click the “sign up” link in the software it takes me to a 404 error on Sign Up Now - It's Free!

Also, I’m evaluating the product as an MSP. Thank you!

@Melih, I am an MSP evaluating this.

@Zsytem, you are using a link that doesn’t work. To sign up go to Login - Comodo ONE

The linking systems in the software are all over the place. I’d have your team look at to what each product is linking to and if it is up and running properly. Another item I notice is that RMM’s link creation for newly added devices. Regardless if it is an email or link generation it takes 5+ seconds for it to retrieve and display a static download link. To me either you are interested in trying to create a dynamic download URL for your clients or there is an issue with your linking scheme as if this is meant to be a simple static X platform to Y download the generations shouldn’t take as long as it does. A very small detail but something I noticed.

@Budda: I would then recommend you join

@Melih I found my way over to the forums and made an account. I’ll be reading up on the site and software to see what it fully will encompass as it looks very promising now. Question regarding the software now, currently the license is set under a Beta setting while being free. Will this software always be free going forward like CIS or will there be changes down the road? What do you see down the road?

it will be free.

Pls register at so that we can take the discussion there.

and also pls be part of

I would really appreciate all the feedback you can provide, especially in the msp forum above.

thank you.

@Melih I would love to do so. I’ve already registered on the forum but the permissions don’t allow me to create or respond to threads.

“Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page” is the exact error I’m getting after logging into the forum.

Hi Budda,

your problem should be resolved. please check again.

I had to create a separate user in the RMM web interface that was assigned as MSP Agent. I could then login with that account into the RMM desktop software. I could not get the remote control to work on any of the machines I installed the agent on. They were Windows 7, Server 2012, and Windows 10. I also could not use the Monitor feature. It would just sit there trying to connect, no error.

Also, is there any plan on integrating things better? Specifically when you login to It appears they don’t all allow you to use the same account. I had to create an account for the Comodo web interface.

it would be great if you could join the msp forum at and put your wishes there.
as always, we will always listen to our users/customers and do whatever they require (within reasons of course :)).

so pls go ahead and put the above post in the msp forum…thx

Hi all,

Basic “Getting started guide” is attached.

Please join us at our enterprise forum:

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Hi all.

Sorry for my english in advance :wink:

I´m very interested in this solution, and already having fun experimenting with.
I have 03 questions for now:

1 - How you do a bug report and the e-mail adress to send?
2 - Why the “Help” button is not working on the RMM and where to seek for help regarding all features?
3 - Is there an official forum, wiki or help page?

Best regards,
Andre MS

It looks promising, but the RMM is missing some features that I consider critical before deploying to an active environment.

During my testing I experienced and was unable to find resolution to the following issues:

  • No general MSI to deploy to an environment. I generated an MSI and was only able to install it on one computer without issue. On the second computer it prompted me for a full/paid for license.
  • Once the RMM Agent was installed, it popped-up asking for an invitation code. It did this as well after a restart. For us, the agent needs to be completely silent from the user’s perspective sans notifications about a technician connecting.
  • As a user I was able to disable the Unattended Access feature of the RMM Agent. This cannot be the case if it’s to be deployed to our users.

Maybe I missed something that will resolve these issues, in which case I’ll gladly take another look at it.

Hey, I am glad to hear this.

  1. We are using our enterprise forum to get the bug reports. This page also works but to share and collaborate with others, I would suggest to sign up to our Enterprise ( or MSP ( Forum.
  2. Since these are brand new products, we just released the help guides. You can see them on
  3. Official Help:
    Official Enterprise Forum:
    Official MSP Forum:

Best regards,


Thanks for great feedback. Please also join us on our Enterprise/MSP Forum!

  1. General MSI would be released soon (next week).
  2. I am not sure if it is regular behavior or bug, will investigate
  3. Yep, we should put it as an option on deployment. There are some companies which would require to give this right to user. So, we hope it would satisfy both needs.


I too have a question: Will this allow me to manage CIS installations as clients?

I’m a Comodo user from v3, if i remember correctly, and have been a very happy one.

Funny enough i’ve seen a news headline today about Avast For Business (https://www…com/business] - also free) that allows me to manage the computers from within a WebBrowser… so, naturally, i came to my trusted AV company see if there was already something like this available. My question is linked to the possibility of suggesting a complete switch (2 already using) from “another” traditional antivirus in my work place (saving money is needed!)… so, does RMM does allow the same thing (whit a few extras) or if it is a different product?

thanks for all your great jobs


We are glad to see you happy.

RMM itself wouldn’t have CIS installations but we will integrate CES (Comodo Endpoint Security) management to Comodo ONE to provide endpoint security management.

Right now, I would suggest you to sign up for Comodo Device Management which has endpoint security for both PCs and Mobile devices.

Best regards,


thank you for your reply. 2 questions, then:

[ol]- Is Comodo Device Management also free for business? Can it be used for free on any kind of business?

  • And what about CES integration into Comodo ONE? will it also be free for business users like the rest of the services already there?[/ol]

Thanks once again