Free RMM, PSA (Service Desk), Patch Management for Managed Service Providers

This sounds like a huge win for us MSPs. Looking forward to trying it out. Can you explain the business model on your end? How do you make money at this? I love the idea of MSPs for MSPs, but there must be a way for Comodo and the other partners to profit or it wouldn’t make sense.

pls come and join and register yourself in the MSP forum at

Comodo makes money by integrating its products into this free RMM/PSA platform and by winning your trust. RMM/PSA/QSA (QSA is yet to be launched)/Patch management is all free…other products like antivirus, antispam etc will be at a fee. Of course its an open platform for anyone to integrate their products into.

Please come and help the MSP community by giving feedback at and improving this MSP platform for MSPs!

thank you.