Free Rising Antivirus 2011

How is Free Rising Antivirus 2011??? The GUI & Features looks good. Whats the difference between the free & paid Rising AV 2011??? How is it comparable to Avast 5 Free??? Anyone tried Rising AV 2011???


I will let Langguy99 speak and answer your questions. Kingsoft Free Cloud AV 2011 FINAL - YouTube

I know that Rising internet security a much better job than free rising AV protecting you from zeroday malware. The internet security did a good job protecting you for a small amount of $.


Have you seen this thread?

Rising Antivirus create the viruses they kill

I wouldn’t touch rising with a ten foot pole. :stuck_out_tongue:

now I have ;D

In addition Rising failed (together with Comodo) the latest
December Win 7 VB100 test


And I wouldn’t shoot them with a ten foot gun! (insert gun smiley here)
Plus their new graphics are horrible! (:AGY)

I had already installed antivirus rising.
I think rising better than avast or avg.

+1. If what we read is true. When in doubt don’t try it out.
Edit. Sorry Naren I haven’t tried it so I can’t tell you what I think about it.