Free online data storage

Online data storage is a great backup, from my point of view. I know that some people don’t want to use it, it’s a question of trust, but for those who are interested I recommend Diino - a Swedish company that offers 2 GB for free, more if you pay. It was recently tested by a magazine and scored 9/10. The test is in Swedish but you can see the names of the alternatives, and for every alternative you’ll see the score, and two other things: “Gratisutrymme:” which means “Free space:” and “Alternativ för betalande:” which means “Alternative for paying”. BTW, with Diino you’ll need their program - it’s not web based - but it works really great, similar to the Windows file explorer. The data transferring is encrypted; 2048 bit.

Test: Lagra filerna gratis på nätet - här är bästa webbdisken - PCforAlla


besides da security issue, there r some other fators making online storage unfavorable.

the upload speed.

online storage is not handy meaning u need internet, then download it. here download speed is a somehow same issue wit upload speed.

i stil prefer back up to my external hard disk and network drive tho i also back up online to diverse da source.

Diino is very fast though, the fastest in the test I think. And you don’t really have to access backup files every day. So for me it’s perfect, I don’t want to spend more money than necessary, being a student.

I use it seems to work well for what I need it for (collaborating with overseas business contacts on spreadsheets/databases):

1gb free storage with file size limit of 10mb but some other useful features that make it worth a try.


i’m also student now, dun haf much (or no?) sensitive data to backup and hide.

2 most important data sources of mine r setup files of apps, ~ 2GB, and music files, ~ 10GB (hell no files for studying). i just cant lose em in any situation coz i spend all my times collecting em :slight_smile:

2gb online just can accommodate part of the space i nid.

btw, i tink an external hdd is not so xpensiv now.100usd u can get a quite gud one wit 80gb.

Well mediamax can store all types of files and offers 25GB free space! That’s the best online i could find.
I’m sure mediamax should work for you because you would use 12GB and still plenty left over.

You can even share your files and edit them online.

hey coolio, thanx :slight_smile:

I tried mediamax but couldn’t get on with it, despite its more than generous storage space.

In the end I went with iDrive-E. Although you only get 2GB for free, it’s fast, reliable, encrypted and comes with a really nice and simple backup utility.

Online storage is something im looking at… I need it to host music files and Zip/Rar files for sharing between certain people do companys offer them to be protected?

Well to get to your files you need to enter a password and username/email to gain access if that’s what you mean.

I use firefox extension gspace for small files (like .pdfs, .ppts, mp3) It stores things in my previously unused google mail account! (2.8gb)