Free Office Software Solutions - Your opinion needed

Im using Libre Office , but waths about thats one . Look great . :THNK Please share you opinion .Is it OK ?

Not sure about these 2. But I use Kingsoft Office software and I’m happy with it :slight_smile:

Kingsoft is a good one , but there is a small problem , not all languages are supportet . I need one with all possible ;D spell checker for all :stuck_out_tongue:

Microsoft office ask $ 20 for any language , dont like them (:AGY)

Oh I see. In this case not sure. I hope that somebody will give you a better advice :slight_smile:

20$? LOL! I can buy Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 for a year! :slight_smile:

:BNC The birds are twitting that Melih & Co will suprise Us with a Comodo office suite .

Anything missing in LibreOffice?

It was updated today, and it keeps getting better. :slight_smile:

LibreOffice 4.1.0 Final (2013-07-25)
Release Notes
4.1 New Features and Fixes
LibreOffice 4.1: A Landmark For Interoperability

Nothing missing :-TU

Just looking to mess a litle bit with a new soft ;D & to learn something new

Im using Libre office for years . Im happy with , its OK just for home use , no problems so far .

I’m rarely using office for my work and LibreOffice is the best and has extended language packeges :-TU


language pack , that the biggest PLUS for Libre Office. Realy any language for free with a spell chceck :■■■■

and for free !

I’ve tried all of it. It’s great for a portable office but document fidelity-wise, I wouldn’t be too sure. Messes up formats. It’s great for its size and simple doc editing. In every other case, I’d stick with Libre. But give it a whirl you might like it. :smiley:

:-TU :slight_smile:

I use LibreOffice myself. Kingsoft Office looks promising though.


Kingsoft Office does not support OpenDocument: About ODF support. :-TD

Still, they haven’t said that they won’t support it. Just that there team is too small at the moment. They do welcome support from outside :). Couldn’t devs from LibreOffice or OpenOffice offer some assistance.


OpenDocument was released 2005, so they have had plenty of time to add support for it. :-\

I doubt that the developers that develop LibreOffice or OpenOffice would be interested in contributing to proprietary software. :wink: