Free invite to Lockerz

Forgive me if this breaches anything…
Please try to put this site on the same level as Youtube and Myspace, just go wiki Lockerz (popularity)

Hey, peoples, I am inviting anyone and everyone to a growing site called Lockerz. It is a completely free website, however, you need to be invited by someone. You just log in everyday to get 2 ptz (currency), and 2-10 by responding to a comment by clicking on dailies on bottom right of your account page. WITH THE PTZ, YOU CAN GET FREE STUFF LIKE GAMES, IPODS, NOTEBOOKS, AND ETC. NO FULL BLOWN SURVEYS TO FILL!!!

You have to email me, so I can be friendly with you. You can email me thru a secondary email adress, and i can prove that I have really good motives. Only then can I invite you to Lockerz.
Kyle, the False SSuspicion (the SS) member has forced me to amend this.

Email: ryan0326[at]

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Looks risky if you ask me.
1: He goes too school <— Young
2: Free Ipods notebooks etc? <---- LOL
3: “PUT your Email Address here to be invited to the awesome site!!!” <------- LOL

Things that sound to good to be true usually are. IMO - I suspect he just sells the emails to people to make some cash for himself.

EDIT: No surveys? Think again.

Lockerz captures the users zip/postcode, mobile phone number, gender, name, email address, and time zone during the registration process, and also gives the user the option of entering their date of birth if they wish. After registering "playing a game" is required in order to determine the starting amount of points

Lockerz survey questions are called “dailies”. Examples of survey questions include “What summer film won your heart?” and “Texting or Email?”

I know I would lose in the face of skepticism. I am not in this for anything, you just need to log in and reply randomly to a easy survey question like “What book do you want to made into a movie?” then you press enter, and 2 Ptz gets added. THERE ARE NO STRINGS OF OFFERS ATTACHED TO survey questions. So it will be easy. A total of 4 ptz without referring friends. 4 PTZ, then you dont go to the site for a day
As I said. Your loss.
I benefit from inviting people. I get 2 Ptz for successful invite, and when i invite 20 ppl, I get double ptz. I know my limit, and thats enough reward for me. However, you obviously don’t know how Lockerz work, and envy those who use it just because you feel too proud to even try it. You should try Lockerz before your envy does.

I will be posting evidence of prize when i can afford it, with the box and Lockerz logos, while you wasted time being skepticism about this and never try it.

My good motives ruined by a person’s Suspicion… Stupid fool believes in unlimited money, while I only believe in limited amounts.

yo yo chill mate O0
i believe Kyle didn’t intend to accuse you of anything. it’s just he thinks the site is suspicious, not you… the site.

Umm… Mods. He called me a “Stupid fool”

ppfftt, topic locked. grow up. >:(
why can’t ppl be nice to each other >:(

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