free firewall update problem

I recently installed the free version of the firewall. The only problem I have is the update. Every day Comodo tells me I have an update waiting. But I already installed the version it wants to update. I see the same update version in in ‘More, About’ 5.4.189822.1344. Is this a know problem. I didn’t find it listed in the forum.


The latest version is .1355. What happens when you tell the updater to update?

Sorry, 1355 is what I meant to say. ■■■■ fingers.

Is this a clean install of 1355?

How does it tell there is an update waiting? You get a dialogue box saying there is download or is there a shield in the systray for <10s?

I get a second shield in the systray. But when I display the update details, it shows the same update that is already loaded.

If it is only the second shield with no balloon message then the updater is just looking for an upate. During that update it will also look for updates for TVL and safe list.

When you see a balloon message with the shield telling there is an update then there is a program update.