Free Firewall UI has no info/settings

I just installed the 64-bit free Firewall for a non-tech friend. Unlike on the version I’m running at home (32-bit version 5.12.256249.2599), the UI seems incredibly sparse; I can’t see how to configure or view much of anything.

(I only see how to turn off the firewall in the system tray icon’s context menu.) Where do I find tabs for settings and info? Are they hidden because I chose an install option to minimize popup alerts? Please help!

bump, please?

click the tasks button then you can go into the advanced settings

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Thank you very much for posting that helpful image, wasgij6!!

My friend’s Comodo UI looks almost nothing like that: specifically, the light grey area is almost completely empty. It does contain the Game Mode icon, but that’s it; no Tasks icon or anything else. If it looked like that I’d have found my way into settings.

In her UI, the ONLY thing I can do is turn the two main modes on/off (and that only with the tray icon). Period. The UI windows provides no information (other than the green Secure symbol) or settings at all.

Hence my wondering if I somehow installed it in some kind of mode for dummies (with virtually no feedback or control).

CIS updated 6.2 added advanced view/compact view toggle in the top left of summary screen.

Im using the advanced view (introduced in v6.2) if i changed to the simple view it would be what your describing. I big green check in the center with the drop area for the av but its the same process to access the advanced settings

Hope that helps

Thank you very much, aim4it!

(Wow, now I feel really stupid!)