Free firewall disables Windows Defender AV?! WHY?


I downloaded and installed Comodo free firewall. It looked very nice until I decided to use it. I have been using computers for more than 20 years now and I cannot find where is the button to disable the AV of the free firewall that is preventing Windows Defender service to start. This product doesn’t seem to have an antivirus, then why is it disabling WD?

Then it occurred to me that I had to download over 200 MB because I might have needed a browser and other stuff I didn’t know I needed. Moreover, I have two active firewalls now (Windows Firewall hasn’t been disabled by setup even after multiple reboots!) and yet I have no Anti Virus!! Guess how secure is my computer now after installing your product!!

I mean, think about it, all I wanted was the free firewall and now I have less security.

Guys wake up! You won’t stay long in this business doing what you do now. Hire some competent GUI designer and also better developers. This thing doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

At the time of writing this, I am uninstalling. I just wish that doesn’t turn to another disappointment.

Same Problem here. I just migrated to Windows 10 (clean install Win 8.1 → Upgrade Win 10) and one of my first steps was downloading and installing CIS. I just installed the firewall because I don’t want to use Comodos AV Engine right now in favor of Windows Defender. But the Defender is disabled even I didn’t install the Comodo AV component. And I’m unable to re-enable Defender. The services are unable to launch.

Any hint?

edit: Posted to fast… Found the top thread about this behavior. Sorry Guys for making noise!!