Free Download Manager request internet access

Hello guys,
When the FDM software is loaded, it always request internet access … pls see attachement. May i know if this is normal although i don’t request for any files downloading?
do u guys face the same situation?


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The way I see it, It’s just trying to check for an update; plus embeding it’s engine to your IE.

tks… how can i be sure tat it does not send any private info out from my pc?

You can’t, that’s the point of software. Their is ALWAYS a certain amount of trust in a program you install on you computer that the programmer is not evil. (The exception is open source where you can view the source code)

cheers, rotty

tks… anyone else here have the same experience? pls share…

I’m using FDM since it’s first installment. And have no problem since then.
If you want to disable FDM’s automatic update, you can just delete it’s address from:

  • Options > General Setting (CTRL+P) > Update.

By the way…
Why are you acting like a “profesional” paranoid with this fine and free product like FDM?
It’s the internet afterall. You can’t be 100% secure.
Lighten out a lil’bit, man.

I use FDM also and I’m pretty sure it’s not evil.
Why did you install it anyway if you think it’s evil? ???
Do like wisanggeni said, disable auto update if you think it’s safer that way.

By any chance, does this software have an “Automatically check for updates” option? If so, this could be it.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thks for feedback. I’m not acting like a pro or paranoid. i just want to know more about this stuff , since i still consider myself as newbie.

btw, i can’t delete the auto update as it forces me to enter an url. Is there any alternative?



Hey, no problem.
I’m just trying to increase my post here.

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