FREE Defrag Program

I hope this type of Q is allowed :slight_smile: I’m looking for advise on a really good FREE Defrag program. Did i mention the word FREE. If you use a FREE Defrag program tell me here the top 5 reasons why you use your choice of FREE Defrag program. Also tell me the top 3 things about it that you would change, if you could.

P.S. Come on guys lets not let this get out of hand and turn into an opposing program bashing site lol

P.S.P.S. STOP! Now go back to the top and reread what i have posted. Now read what the others have posted. Do the other posts here follow my request?
hmmmm who will be the one who actually reads and follows directions ???

I have tried many of the free defraggers and the one I like the best is Auslogics. It’s very fast and offers options past simple defragging such as:

Optimizing file placement and consolidating them to eliminate free space gaps
Placing System files at the front of the disc to improve OS performance
Scheduling of automatic defragging
Skipping large file fragments of a user specified size
Simultaneous defragging of multiple discs (including solid state drives)
Removal of temp files before defragging begins
Starting the program at bootup

I don’t use all of those options but I have yet to find any part of the program that I think could be improved. Check it out, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

Top 5? ;D
Auslogics Disk Defrag

2 reasons.
1.It’s free
2.Good enough

I use Smart Defrag…

I use O&O defrag because I got a free license of the paid product (version 11). I believe it’s still out there if you want it.

The makers of CCleaner have came out with one…I haven’t tried it yet.

Me too. ;D

I trust the advice of Soyabeaner, therefore I use Puran Defrag.

However, I have no idea what a comparison between the most common free defragmenters would show.

Use MyDefrag (used its predecessor JkDefrag in the past). Very satisfied. Performance improvement of hdd (hence system) is rather noticable.
Besides site contains also helpful hdd-related “tips & tricks” to speed up system.


…, too. So i will try Puran Defrag on some systems.

To be considered a complete defragmentor, it has to have at least boot-time defrag ability.

@ Dch48 ---- Thanks i’m checking it out now

I see you edited your first post. In that case, let me supplement my thoughts on Puran Defrag.

My top 5 reasons (in no particular order) for using it:
• Can boot-time defrag and optionally run Windows’ Checkdisk afterwards - even if there aren’t any errors, it always cleans up unused indexes when I check my Event Viewer. This has eliminated the need for Page Defrag, a tool I used to use to defrag those system files that are in use (did I use the word “use” too many times here ;D?)
• Relatively fast compared to most of the alternatives.
Donn Edwards recommends it. He has conducted actual testing of various defragmenters.
• My boot time have been reduced by 1 or 2 seconds (that’s saying a lot since my PC is already tweaked) as well as data transfers and application load times, something that isn’t that easily noticeable.
• Light on resources (I can play videos while it runs in the background without noticeable impact) and has no additional Service required (there is one, but only if you wanted to execute the scheduler).

Three things I would change about it:
• Add the ability to safely defragment/rearrange the MTF so that it’s contiguous
• Even though it’s close to being portable, I want it to be truly portable (no registry keys)
• Add an ETA timer of when the partition / drive will finish

nice review. ;D
i installed puran , very fast scan.

Cool. I enable all the options to take advantage of the optimizations. It’s slower, but more thorough. Like all defragmenters, it’s slow the first you run it, but smooth on subsequent runs. When there are files that are in use (likely caused by CIS), I run the boot-time defrag + disk check option.

I’m surprised they suddenly made it free for personal usage :slight_smile:

OK just to redefine what I’m looking for in a Defrag program:

1 Must be “free”.
2 Able to do “off line Defrag”.
3 Able to specify exact file placement on drive (system file & user file).
4 Able to Defrag multiple drives at the same time.
5 Able to do scheduled Defrag.
6 Not a CPU hog.
7 Able to defrag MFT ect

Now you’re just asking for a miracle (:TNG)

Part of the reason why I switched from JKDefrag to MyDefrag to Puran Defrag was due to the limited number of user options. I wanted to restrict myself from having to manually mess around with intricate file placements. I just want to open a program, click, and go :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: this is EXACTLY the type of info im looking for. :smiley:

I want options, MORE OPTIONS lol. I want to be able to manualy specify exactly where some files go.

If you want something that geeky, you can look for the last free version of Ultimate Defrag. I like the unique GUI back when it had that circle…

;D yup thats what i want ---- geeky with lots of settings.
hmmmm a defrag with a GUI that depicts the drive as a circle 8) here all this time i thought drives were rectangle (so other defrag GUI have shown)

I’m now checking out “ultimate defrag”