Free Comodo is Expensive to Maintain

First off I’d like to thank the Comodo team for providing this great product. In the past I have used Avast and AVG and have been satisfied with their level of security. A couple of years ago I tried Comodo firewall and anti-malware but I uninstalled it, can’t remember why, I think I was running a 56k line. A few weeks back I decided to try Comodo CIS and to my dismay found it to be an “expensive” product to maintain, although it is far superior to the above mentioned products.

Bandwidth in South Africa is horrendously expensive, I pay +/- $23 per Gb, depending on the exchange rate. Each time the virus database is being updated, it updates about 130Mbs of data every few days. Yesterday and today it updated the same amount, therefore I used 260 Mbs of my 1Gb I purchased yesterday. If this is the case, every 9 to 15 days I would have to purchase more bandwidth, which would make it an expensive product to keep on…

Why does Comodo update the whole virus database each time? Is there a reason for this? Can it not just update the exciting database with the new data that it requires.

After today I will have to uninstall the virus protection and go back to AVG, but I will for the meantime keep the firewall. If the firewall updates at the same rate I will have to uninstall that too.

I hope this information is treated, not as a criticism of the product, but rather as a positive input as to how Comodo can get further market penetration into the African continent, where bandwidth is generally very expensive compered to many other countries such as the USA and Europe.

Thanking you in advance

Welcome to the forum VinceZA.

Your problem sounds expensive! The question is, why? The AV update is actually a matter of a few k several times a day. if you’re seeing something other than that, then it may constitute a problem.

Do you have any additional details? Have you run Diagnostics from the Miscellaneous tab?

I agree with Quill. There is something extraordinary about your situation.

After the initial installation the AV updater will have to pick up approx 40 MB of av definitions and after that it is incremental.

You pay a lot for your connection. Why is that? Do you live in a rural area of South Africa? Do you use your cell phone as a modem?

Somethings seems amiss, the initial download of version if i recall correctly has the Bases.cav at around 60MB and now with all accumulated updates it stands at around 100MB.

Can you have a look under Miscellaneous/About to see what Database version is, should be 1726


i pay about the same amount in Indonesia 88)
130MB for CIS update? ???
i’ve never paid attention to how much kb the AV update takes,but i think it’s fairly small since the update only take seconds ???

Hi Guys,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly with a reply.
I have run a diagnostic, and it reports no errors on the system. As I’m writing this reply the virus database is updating the system again. It has currently updated 30Mbs of the database. If this is a problem as you suggest, then I would like to help sort it out.

I running the following:

OS; Windows XP with SP3
Browers; Firefox: 3.0.11
Comodo; CIS_Setup_3.10.102363.531_XP_Vista_x32
Database Version: 1157

“Do you live in a rural area of South Africa?” No live in a suburb and use wireless internet through a company called iburst.

Is this happening every time the AV updates?

As Eric and Mat said, the initial update is quite large ~50Mb but after that, as I said, it’s very small.

Yep, every single time. The problem it seems. is that the AV is not being updated. Yesterday I left the computer online all day. When I returned home, a window message said that the AV had been updated and I needed to restart my computer for the new AV database to take effect. This afternoon, it started updating again and I went through the whole process once again. As I said before, it is now updating again…

It sounds like it could be an installation issue…

Are you running any other security applications concurrently?

Your database version number stays at 1157.

Please try copying the bases.cav from the repair folder to the scanners folder. To be able to do so disable D+ from the systray. Click right on the systray → Defense + Security Level → set to disabled. When that doesn’t copy the bases.cav in safe mode.

What happens now?

If the database version remain unchanged from 1157 it could also prove useful to check the hash of bases.cav in the scanners folder-

Drag&drop \Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners\bases.cav on Hashcalc to check if the SHA1 hash is f97f1dd63735f6b4110d15ad91cbdc4ecc95a7d9 (md5 hash is 9f6851b88111b41803039dbb6e099037)

Downloaded the Hashcalc and got the following results:
SHA: 1f97f1dd63735f6b4110d15ad91cbdc4ecc95a7d9

md5: 9f6851b88111b41803039dbb6e099037

Ripemd160: 3b8d655be9a7577b0e3805cd7c49b62211135f93

Crc32: 481154a8

Please try copying the bases.cav from the repair folder to the scanners folder. To be able to do so disable D+ from the systray. Click right on the systray --> Defense + Security Level --> set to disabled. When that doesn't copy the bases.cav in safe mode.
Will try doing this later, at present it tell me that access is denied. I think this is due to the AV database is being updated.

Once again thanks for all the assistance.

No other security system. The only scan I did was with the free version of Advanced SytemCare 3, which has a spyware, adware removal tool, although this does not check the computer for viruses. You need to activate the tool. I also use the Comodo system cleaner & a few other registry cleaners, which have never given me any problems.

Though the SHA1 you posted got one digit more the other hashes matches the v. 1157 bases.cav in scanners folder and should also match the hashes of the bases.cav in the repair folder (which is v. 1157 too soon after installation)

So I guess it is unlikely that the update fails due to a pre-existing corrupted bases.cav.

As for further troubleshooting steps I’ve got no clue :frowning:

My apology, the 1 belonged to SHA1. Today it is the third day in a row that its updated the AV database. It is now at version 1729. I’ll monitor over the next few days and see what the outcome is.
THX everyone

1729 is the current one. :-TU

Hopefully the next updates will be smoother as less data will be involved.

My problem has started again, yesterday the database version was 1732, this morning it is back to 1175 and it is updating the whole system again. Am I the only one with this problem? I have already purchased bandwidth twice this month at +/- $45 for 2Gbs. As I cannot afford to keep this problem running I am going back to AVG and will keep the Comodo firewall - I will try again next month. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

It looks like the DB was corrupted and reverted back using the copy in the repair folder.

The issue is apparently the corruption though the related rollback and the bandwidth intensive updating is undesirable as well.

If there would be a way to confirm a successful uncorrupted update it would be possible to replace the bases.cav in the repair folder with a more recent version in order to have the AV revert back to that version instead of 1175 whereas replacing with a corrupted bases.cav would be pointless. :frowning:

Safest on the penny would most likely be to clean install CIS.

If i where you i would go for Erics suggestion of a clean install but uninstall using Revo uninstaller, its a great little app at only ~1MB.

Uninstall in advanced mode and don`t re-boot when asked, then carefully select only the Bolded Items in the registry search and check the Files it brings up.

Make sure you have no scanners running during the download.