Free Comodo Antivirus or free Avira?

I wonder which one is better:

Free Comodo Antivirus or free Avira or another one?

I can’t make up my mind and I don’t know much about it either.

It would be great if anybody give me advise here, but with explanation please.

Don’t just say free Comodo Antivirus is better or free Avira is better.

Please justify your opinion so I can learn and understand.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


100% comodo avira has turned into adware and has a tool bar.

What firewall will you be using?

If you use Comodo FW, I think you should use the full Comodo internet security PREMIUM and set the configuration to Proactive.
If CAV misses something, Comodos D+ will sandbox it and you will be 99% safe.

If you are using some other FW (or Windows FW) I would say you should use Avira.

You could also run your browser sandboxed…inside Sandboxie.
That alone will keep your machine 99% safe.

Hi Jonatan, welcome to the forum

I would not argue - that was a bad move by Avira … similar was with Comodo and “ASK” in the past, wasn’t it?

But it doesn’t mean “in a hundred years” that Comodo AV can compete with Avira as it stands at the moment

Then about Avira:

  • if the Software is already installed - there is no “ASK” on updates;
  • as far as I know it is optional (No?);
  • Finally just see remove Ask & stuff if that was accidentally installed
    Much easier than it was with Comodo in the past

Not relevant at all, despite I think that Comodo Firewall is still one of the strongest … yes, it requires some long awaited enhancements being ignored by the developers for a loo…ooong time
(the same apply to Defense+) … again the latter is indeed a decent piece of Software

So Avira , but not Comodo AV – that is my advice (we are talking about free editions)

Definitely, Emsisoft would be the best choice. You can use free EAM or just EEK – no real time protection(s) though , but worth look at

My regards

[at] Jonatan

Or maybe try CIS :-TU
Not CAV, not Avira but Comodo Internet Security. This is always an option.

Greetings :wink:


Can you clarify what you mean, please?

“not CAV, not Avira…” ???

CAV and/or CIS were suggested by users above

My opinion was - Avira re: antivirus solution since the initial question

… I was completely lost by what you wrote


@ SiberLynx

Oops, I did not notice that someone above recomended CIS.
I just not read carrefully. My mistake.

Hope this clarify. Greetings. :wink:

Avira is for school girls and little old ladies. Comodo antivirus with d+ :-TU . if i had to use something other than CIS it would be Eset Nod32 (smart security 4). Many would argue including myself that it’s the worlds finest AV, but with that said it ain’t got sh!t on d+ .

ESET NOD32 Smart Security 4 - YouTube ;D

Definately Comodo… Avira was Outstanding in 8 and 9 versions but version 10 was a complete failure… COMODO IS THE WAY TO GO…

I thank you all very, very much for your advice.

I didn’t expect to get so many detailed answers to my question.


many thanks.


You are welcome
You can expect lots of answers in this forum , Jonatan

… except some of those like this

, which is a complete **** and you have to filter out **** from advices
I’m sure you can :wink: