Free Commodo Firewall pro v3

I tried the new Firewall and foound that it was disastrous. I would have thought that the upgrade could have incorporated all the trusted sites from the previous version. No, full learning curve again.

The worst part was that it eventually locked me out and it did not recognise any of the programs on the drive.

I had to go into Safe Mode and do a system restore to before I installed the upgrade. After I restarted, everything was fine again.

You need to put a lot more work into this guys.

I feel this matter should be raised once more, as the same thing happened to me yesterday (though in safe mode I was able to simply uninstall the program rather than use system restore).

I’m no IT expert but I’m far from a casual computer user as well, so I know my way around a firewall. The software looks very impressive and has many great reviews and scores on various tests, but I really feel that the ease with which it can completely lock out an administrator from their computer is very worrying. It happened to me within five minutes of installation.

I let it learn my programs that should be granted access to the internet, and then I opened up one it didn’t recognise, a PS2 emulator I was running an experiment on. Why it needed to access the internet I don’t know, but I decided to select the option to have the program’s details sent to the company site for analysis. Then the alert disappeared, but the program wouldn’t load.

So I tried it again, only to be told that I did not have sufficient access privileges to open that file. Or any file. Or the control panel. On any account on the computer. Effectively, for clicking that option, I had been locked out, and no amount of reboots or fiddling or waiting would clear the problem. So I went into safemode and uninstalled the firewall.

This may have been some kind of oversight on my part but when a product can have such a massive effect from a single unwitting error (and I don’t see where it could have been made) by an experienced user, it’s probably got some issues to work out. That’s why I’m sharing the information, not because I want to say “boo this firewall sucks”, but so you know that it’s having this effect at times and might be able to address it.

Hi & welcome,

Thanks for sharing the info. It would be even better shared if you posted it as a bug report (with additionally requested info like OS details)!


There have been a couple of threads on this - I started one of them.

I did remove CFP via safe mode. As for a bug report - nothing can be run, including Windows Explorer not being a valid app. (OK, along with IE, I’ll accept that!), so sending anything is a bit difficult (can’t get on line anyway).

As colonelj says, this just shouldn’t be possible: sure the computer’s secure if nothing can run, but…!

Anyway, come Monday I’ll have another go (with System Restore on and a cloned HD!).