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Malware urls block is working?. I have been testing some urls and only see google safebrowsing block, i dont see comodo block.

Pings from Spain (Europe)

Google DNS - 22ms
OpenDNS - 39ms
Comodo - 55ms

Google DNS - 11ms
OpenDNS - 38ms
Comodo - 52ms

Hi Jon,

What was the problem you confront?

  • adding your home network?

At Network Setup page, we might have some issues regarding browser extensions. We are correcting it right now.

Adding a different network, other than you are currently in requires manual confirmation. You will see pending status till then.

the main problem is that it didnt block phishing websites

For phishing and malware domains, we have lots of threat intelligence merged with our own data. We are pushing that on Shield DNS
as well, but it seems currently those updates are not refreshed by policy. We will resolve that 1-2 days.

yeah, together with valkyrie >:-D

you advertise a service that can stop phishing and malware, then you say it cant actually stop them (at least not yet).
this is the way comodo creates trust online? :o

How can I change DNS addresses from my android phone to following Dome Shield addresses?
Thank you.


as we are launching this amazing service, small hiccups do happen. Perfection does not exist. Our intentions are good.
Your negative attitude to our amazing developers and products are disheartening and discouraging. By all means do tell us where we can improve, we are grateful for it, but please stop bashing us. Its not necessary.

i dont have any negative attitude, im just facing the reality.
you said “try and let us know your feedback”, but i had to write 4 or 5 posts before you noticed my remarks.
and in the meantime you were writing “wow, we offer for free something others dont offer even for money”.
but actually now you are offering only a dns service without any malware protection…
if this is a beta testing, just call it this way


Noticing your remark vs responding to them are 2 different things.
I noticed your remarks and passed it to relevant people so that they could address it.
What is offending is your remarks about creating trust online etc. I would appreciate it if you kept your remarks to technical feedback rather than attack our good name. Its just totally unnecessary and not helpful to anyone.

ok, noticed.
my apologies if you felt it disrespectful, it was not my intention

No worries, thank you.

Lets work together so that everyone benefits.

Thank you for your feedback.

Melih one question
When i have 2 Laptops in my network. i just need to put the dns server in the laptops and than both are secured? or i need to make a new network for my other laptop using the same wifi? And what happens when the ip from my router change. I need to put the new ip in there? i dont know if i have a static or dynamic ip. thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Yes just change the dns server on both laptops.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

One last question Melih.

When i add a security rule and have Botnet, Proxies Blocked and the other like Malware still allowed are malware etc still blocked because the standard config blocks them? or i need to block the on the new rules i added too?

Adding security rule is just a definition of a rule, in order you to apply that rule to your network, you must create a policy and apply it to a network.
So one network can only have one policy.

For example if you create a security rule A: with Botnet blocked, security rule B: Botnet and Proxy Blocked, unless you create a policy, there is no effect.
If you create a policy with rule A: then only Botnets blocked, if with rule B: then Botnet and Proxy Blocked.