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hi Melih, thanks for the links :slight_smile:
i think the user needs a static ip address to use cdome shield, right?
do you think this service can replace a sw fw ?
thanks :slight_smile:

No, you don’t need static IP.

You simply change your DNS settings to use Cdome Shield, voila!

Its like OpenDNS Home VIP ($19.95 a year) but we are giving it Free. And has an amazing roadmap to add even more functionality.

Also, the business edition others charge for, we are giving it FREE! :slight_smile:

ok thanks :slight_smile:
is this an upgrade of comodo secure dns?

Its a totally brand new product…using many different technologies and dns is one part of it.

Very good product, thanks. :slight_smile:

Could you give us an url to test correct instalation?

the free home user license is for 1 node and 5 users.
let’s say that i set the dome shield dns on my router, then, on each device i connect, i set as dns the router ip address.
like that, what happens if i connect more than 5 devices in the same time?

Nothing. all of the other devices will continue getting the service.

Its not similar to OpenDNS Home Vip because OpenDNS Home Vip hasn’t antimalware protection, policys, etc etc… Comodo Cdome is similar to OpenDNS Umbrella.

Thank you very much, extraordinary product.

I have set up cdome shield to my home network:

[ol]- if the IP changes (for example, because you restart the router), you have to remove the old network and add a new one

Would locking by extension be more efficient than by domains? (I think filtering for domains makes the settings tiresome)
For example: Sites: * .biz, * .org, * .com, * net …
Applications: * .exe, * .zip, * pdf, * .js …

But I could keep the filter by domain

are you sure Opendns home vip doesn’t have antimalware protection, policy etc?
what else we have that they don’t?

WOW…look at OpenDNS/Cisco Umbrella pricing $38 / user / year!!! And we are giving this for free!!!

check my comment too…

Yes, OpenDNS Home VIP is a more basic product, it has category filter, W/B Lists, last year stadistics and not much more.

OpenDNS Free and OpenDNS Home VIP hasnt malware urls category, this antimalware protection has Umbrella only.

Cdome Shield is equivalent to Umbrella and Umbrella Prosumer, Umbrella Prosumer costs 20$/year per user (3 devices per user, max 5 users). Umbrella Prosumer doesnt offer network creation, client software installation on every device only.

The advantage of OpenDNS is that it has faster resolution, edns-client-subnet (ECS) and DNSCrypt.


So what Cisco sells to businesses for big buck, Comodo is giving away for FREE to consumers!

if it works, yes. but it doesn’t…

Not sure if this is the correct forum.

When adding a new network, according to the help file, “The IP Address field will be auto-populated with the external IP address of the network from which you are logged in to Dome Shield.”

This does not happen i.e the ip field is blank. So, looking up my ip address, I determine that it is and I believe that in order to “comply” with IP/CIDR I need to add /24 to the end of the ip address. When I do this, I am able to add the network.

But, I receive a “pending” status, and according to the information displayed this is when “If you create a Location with an IP address different than the one that you’re currently connecting to Dome Shield, your network will be on “pending” state.”

So, I am confused as to the next step(s) I should now take. Any advice ?

I had to disable my adblock to let cdome add my ip correctly

Who would have believed it. I turned my Comodo firewall off, and bingo, the ip address was populated and is now active.

Seems my ip is not /24 but /32.

Thanks Jon, now to test it out and see what it can do.

What this CCANET Limited United Kingdom?